Monday, July 11, 2011


This is my nephew, "Melvin LeMar Anthony Childs" the manchild. 16yrs old. Athletic, funny, vibrant and optimistically looking into the future. Well he was sent back to the essence Thursday July 7 2011 @ approximately 10:15pm. I've been distilling for 4 days now and have no intentions of stopping anytime soon. The devils civilization is powerful. The magnetic to draw the blind, deaf and dumb into the world of destroy power is tremendous. This isn't nothing new, this wisdom of Yakub's world just has been magnified 100X's due to the events of my nephew. For the record I'm no passive 7 either. I've been shot 9 times, been to the injustice for an extend stay and know death/funerals are all to common. Born universal truth, it's a muthafucker!!!! when it's your folks though. With all the "INFINITE" power I possess I couldn't awaken my nephew??? I'm no half-ass 7! I adds on to the cipher!!! Any and everybody in this Love Allah cipher knows "INFINITE GOD ALLAH ADDS ON!!!" I 8, I 8!!!! I adds on to the 120/Civilization classes. I 8 with @ risk youths. I'm in the community showing and proving Allah's World Manifest!!! HOW COULD I NOT REACH MY FUCKING NEPHEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(SMH)I come from the gang 4. I know that shit. Their ways and actions. My nephew wanted to be just like me, only problem was he wanted to be the me before the KOS. I 8 with him, the eating of the wrong foods not knowledging the cipher. Being blind, deaf and dumb. The Original Blackman is GOD!!!! You have this infinite potential inside you Worm (that's his childhood name giving to him by my ol' Earth his granny.)I didn't try hard enough. People have been saying I'm being to hard on myself I couldn't prevent everything. I concur, I don't know if I would've prevented this B.U.T I KNOW I COULD HAVE WENT HARDER IN TRYING TO BREAK THE GRIPS OF THE DEVILS CIVILIZATION ON A YOUNG MIND!!!!! This is my short coming. I have a fairly good 3 of this 4 of IGOD. I know SM,SA,120 and a whole plethora of other sciences of life. I did the 1 with my nephew but failed to utilize the 2 in a supreme fashion. I'm sorry Worm. 6 sextillion tons of weight is on my back and I'll bare that burden like my brother Jesus did back in the day. My nephew has been immortalized now. Of course no one has every returned from a physical death however, I will carry his essence on and my determined idea I have for my family is to celebrate his life every year til no ending.This generation, next generation and so on. I'll surf the galaxy until my immediate mourning is over. I'll slide by Jupiter, zoom past Uranus and see what the fuck is on the other side of Pluto. From here on out I'm pushing the limit. We must save the babies!!! I LOVE YOU WORM YO' UNCLE, NO BEGINNING AND NO ENDING, WE HERE AND WILL CONTINUE TO BE.......