Wednesday, June 27, 2012

"A Badge of Honor"

My ground zero, my daily ops is in the hood. My justice cipher born isn't in the hood (which is where a good majority of my time is spent) yet in still  I consider my time spent in the concrete jungle i.e the "HOOD." Unfortunately, the hood is comprised of predominantly 85%ers. I mean that to say most are ignorant (or just don't want to know) about the tricknowlogy that is propagated threw out North America and all over the planet Earth. This is definitely psychological warfare that Original people are losing. This is on a grand level b.u.t if I drill down to specifics my personal experiences engaging various people in conversations shows and proves  that the dumb, deaf and blind are in abundance. We (and yes I'm generalizing) in the hood glorify negativity. Actions (wisdom) that we know isn't good for us even to the point of slowly killing ourselves. Example: waking up to a blunt (swisher sweet) and beer/alcohol. Like @ 8am. Sounds asinine however this is all to real and the norm. This is glorified like a badge of honor. I hear nigas/bitches talking how they can't eat until they smoke a blunt. Getting their mind right. Childern speaking of not going to school like they the shit and  belittling the childern going  to school like you ain't cool. This is fucked up mathematics!!! And the whole going to jail/been to jail like that makes you a man (beating my chest like a fucking gorilla). (Smfh). I just got out so I'm cool, I'm hard. I'm down blah,blah, blah. One can expect this type of attitude from a teenage b.u.t this is  grown men attitudes as well. Yea, you a rider, super-crip with no medical, no dental, no egg nest of money for rainy days, and i could go on b.u.t you get the gist of it. Also (which is more bigger then just a HOOD issue) we as men glorify how many females we hit (had sex with). Nowadays, females glorify how many men "THEY HIT!" WOW. New wave shit. Eating unhealthy foods (mentally and physically). If I got a dime for every time I've heard somebody say they don't want to think I could retire  right now. How unproductive is that? Not utlilizing the strongest computer(weapon) known to man? So your head is a fucking hat-rack huh? This young brother be checking out my eating habits @ work (small meals, oatmeal, fruit, salads, water, 100% organic juices etc) and made the comment, " if it's not fried or pork, I ain't fucking with it." The 85%ers. I won't belabor the points here, we all are familar with these type of scenarios. Outside of pork and eating terribly wrong, all the rest mentioned above I was guilty of also. Before the KOS I indulged in all type of 85% activities that I too glorified. So though it my seem like I'm passing judgment I'm really not. Only staing the facts that we all know is the truth. However once we know better, we do better or fall victim to the universal justice and deal with the consequences. In closing there's no honor in dumb down our communities/people. Destroying ourselves from within. It's a dam shame I tell you, a dam shame.................


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Dead Prez Build

I been doing the one to Dead Prez for 6 or 7 years now. Relovutionary thought. Conscious foundation. Health conscious also. Music with a purpose. One of their bigger hits that got quality air play was "It's bigger then HipHop." Which is actually true when you see their activities are more then music. Their active in the community, lectures and books.I've now learned that Sticman (1 half of the duo) is activitely involved into fitness/health and is making knowledge born  thru music (2011 full CD on health/fitness entitled : THE WORKOUT) and the internet Health/fitness is supremely underrated in the community. Albeit, it's in a better light then it every been in the hood. I've been going to gym's now for well over 15 years. All the major ones out here in Los Angeles, 24 hr fitness, Balley's, LA fitness. And this isn't official data b.u.t I know alot more people from the hood go today then 15 years ago.So progress is being made. Underrated b.u.t improvement. I like how Sticman infuses health/workouts with consciousness. Gets the machine going. Also the God, Jerule Allah is out here in Love Allah pushing the health/fitness agenda as well, certified personal trainer. Do the one:  Exercise the mind and body. Mental and physical fitness. Whether your a beginner or advanced vet in working out, do the one to these links and add on to your cipher(s) individually and collectively...............................................................................................Infinite7

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Do the one to this excellent display of "Allah's World Manifest!!!"

Thursday, June 14, 2012

My Pilgrimage back' to Mecca (S&P 2012)

This past weekend (6/8-6/10) was the "Nation of Gods and Earths" annual Show and Prove in NYC Mecca. 41 years and still going!!!I was fortunate enough to make the pilgrimage, all the way from Love Allah on the westcoast. As I've stated in many of post before I'm a critical thinker and I anaylze everything including myself to the best of my ability without being bias. My first time out there and it was excellent. All the history about the Nation, the Gods, the Earths, the landmarks.......Alot to take in however it was a pleasure to absorb the rich history of this great Nation!!! Too bare witness to the unity, camaraderie of Original people coming together for one common cause was profound. Walking down 125th st one of the things that stood out was the overall black consciousness , good, bad or indifferent it was there. And no, everybody was not 5%er's b.u.t they were conscious on their own square. Afrocentric, moors, muslims....they all were on 125th. Bowling with the Gods, Earths and babies was entertaining. The bar-b-que held in the garden of Allah's school was peace and cordial. Traveling to Medina (ft greene) for the dance @ 12am was thrilling. The actual show and prove, rapping, singing, science projects, poetry, books, food...etc was a beautiful sight to see. The power of untiy is profound. I built with some gods I've met over the internet. Other gods I've had the opportunity to meet some years back, I saw them at the S&P. I definitely advise and encourage all who are apart of this Nation to make their pilgrimage back to the root. I want to say "PEACE" to my universal family back @ the root and to name a few, Allah B, Virtuous, Life Supreme, Amar, Infinite Al Jamar, Divine, Earthly Jewels, Wise Islam, Um Allah, Hakim and everybody else that made my jounery feel like home. PEACE!!!!............................................... Infinite7