Thursday, May 31, 2012

Carmelo a 5%???

Never a shortage of topics to build on.......Soooo... Carmelo Anthony posted a pic (somewhere..facebook/twitter???) with a chain sporting a medillion with the Universal Flag on it. For those who are unfamiliar with the Universal Flag, it's the official flag of the Nation of Gods and Earths. Of course there has been rumbling about whether he was right or wrong about wearing the flag. Lets do the one "objectively!" One side of the story (pros): Whether or not he knows in detail about the NGE's is nil. I'm sure somebody told him that this (Universal Flag) says," THE BLACKMAN IS GOD!" Which I'm inclined to believe he liked that. Representing and or showing support for his follow brethen was all done in a positive light. Acknowledging "unity" is of extreme importance even if his knowledge is limited. What if he wears a African t-shirt? He's not from Africa. Doesn't know to much about shit going on over there. Yet and still, wearing the t-shirt shows support for "US", Original people. Now the other side of the story (cons): He isn't from the Nation. He doesn't know enough to wear our Flag. If he knew more would he even support our cause/tradition? Our flag is sacred and take it the fuck off!!! He mis-representing it............Look @ all the "emotional" reactions to a single picture. In reality how many of us really know the real story behind this? Are we going to kick his ass for wearing our flag without the proper permission? Does a person need/have to be from this Nation to wear the Universal Flag? I know depending on who you ask, YES!!! My position is, as long as its civil done with a righteous intent, i don't see a problem. Born universal truth, if the said person is savage uncivil, anti-righteous then NOW CIPHER!!! Mis-representing any cipher with their logo/flag will have anybody taking this one person on face value to represent the whole. I know, I know, the tradition is.....If you let one person do it it'll catch on and have all kind of uncivil mofo's rock'in the Flag. I definitely see both sides of the story. Just be mindful that this Nation has grown and will continue to grow. Policing whether or not somebody wears the flag in accordance with our tradition will become...challenging. Each person will have to address this as they see with their own understanding.......................Infinite7

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Religion vs Tradition

Does tradition mean "religiously" following the template of a particular cipher? Following rules and regulations? Every cipher (person,place or thing) has it's own unique guidelines to follow. It's own paradigm. The NGE's are big advocates of not "BEING RELIGIOUS" b.u.t are (some anyway) are "HUGE TRADIDTIONALIST." This fine line of religious vs tradition can sometimes become blurred. Everything we know from a macrocosm to a microcosm has an order. Rules and regulations that every particular cipher adheres too. That's actual fact. So in line with universal law, we in the NGE's also adhere to particular guidelines under the umbrella of "Allah's 5% Nation." I hear builds," Allah said this, the Elder's said that, the First born did this that way, the degree said this......." All these adages have merits in their own right and should be used as a guideline b.u.t not "REILIGOUSLY!" Not sounding or being religious like.......RELIGIOUS PEOPLE. The foundation is the foundation sacred, lets be clear on that first. The original blackman is GOD, the original black woman is the Earth, no pork, etc. Yes somethings are "religious." Again these are paradigms within the NGE's that must be followed. Period. Contary to popular belief with individuals outside of the Nation, we (NGE's) do not make our own rules and do what we like good or bad. Now cipher. That's just ignorance. A lack of understanding of this Nation in it's totality. Quoting lessons, quotes from the Honorable Elijah Muhammad is a "reference point" not my understanding as in my thoughts and experiences that manifest my TRUE UNDERSTANDING as an individual. Regurgitated wisdom is grafted wisdom, far from original. The best builds come from experience and not from what you heard. And what somebody else did or is doing shines no light on you and what you got going. What are you doing? .....................................................................Infinite7

Thursday, May 24, 2012

"Humility is a Component of Civilty"

I was once deaf, dumb and blind. By all accounts I would say the former me was violent. Very. I find this violent attitude typical in the hood. For a multitude of reasons. Violence is the "SEEMINGLY" cure all/fix all in settling differences/issues in the hood. Of course from time to time some (very few) disagreements get solved with "civil" solutions. However the challenge is dealing with mentally violent people and this is all they know, the equality to build without kicking ass/getting yo ass kicked is a daily hurdle. It's easy to say,"fuck it!!! and knock the shit outta somebody. B.u.t is that civilization? Is that showing and proving the higher intelligence? Empathically Now Cipher!!! Albeit i do agree whole heartedly that there are certain situations when physical justice is the order of the day. I consider that the "expection" not the rule. When I was younger and living the destory power to the fullest, OG's that were none active I consider "pussy's!" they got older and got soft. Again that was juvenile thinking literally, I was like knowledge equality years old. Now, I know better. Yes some people get older and square up however to view them as "soft" would be and could be a grossly bad judgement. What I know now and I exercise this same frame of thought, that I know I have no fear in my heart and fighting is nothing. However, pick and chose your battles and if the situation calls for it jump into the melee and let the chips fall where they may!!! This I have no problem with. However the 85% around you may consider this to be weakness. So should I just start busting nigas in their fucking head like a savage? Absolutely not. I stand on my square of truth and fuck what others may think. Violate any section on those 4 90 degree angles and I'll show and prove fearlessness! I see the culture of I-God having to show humility to do what? to civilize. I can not teach civility if I'm praticpating in savagrey. I know for an actual fact I'm not the only God that comes across these challenges. Ones who have lived a violent life "AND HAVE MATURREEEDDDD" know the down side, the nonsense. This is a lesson that needs to be advocated more, especially to the youth. Infinite7