Thursday, December 27, 2012

Brother Umar Johnson...

Last Thursday (12-20) I had the pleasure to attend a lecture by Dr.Umar Johnson. For those unfamiliar with the brother, he's a lecturer, Phd credentials in psychology, Pan-Africanist, and a whole plethora of other accolades the brother a make known however, he doesn't hang his hat on "titles" as if this makes him better than other folks. He was out here in Love Allah (Los Angeles) and it was obvious he frequents these neck of the woods so to speak. By that I mean, the familiarity as he built with folks in the cipher. The subject matter was "Man/Woman and Spirituality." Was an excellent build and more or less dealing with the inner self (that's how I drew it up). Different schools of thought was in attendance. Some Moors, Muslims and other Original based conscious groups. Real peace cipher, positive energy and constructive building. This is an example of branching out and networking and also feeding my insatiable appetite for learning. Just because I knowledge 120 doesn't mean that school is over. Yes,.... the true and living knows this empathically! Born universal truth for those that don't know, learning is incessant, it never stops on the physical plane.

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Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Importance of Life Challenges

Sunny days are preferable b.u.t rain is sure to come. And this is life in it's essence. You'd get consecutive days of smooth sailing, work/school, gym, movies, family, etc. Then..."BOOM!" Fired from work. The company is downsizing. Death in the family. Divorce/separating. Evicted from your house/apartment. Life could change drastically, for better or worst. For this build, let's use a worst case scenario. This is where your resolve comes into play. You know, we can "preach" positivity, how mentally strong we are, how we adjust in hard times, how we perform better in crunch time.....yea, yea. That shit sounds good as if we're at an Anthony Robbins seminar. In real life, people tend to fold. Buckle. Collapse. Depending on the scenario, it maybe too overwhelming. However cliche it may sound, if you can forge through the pain/turmoil, this is the true essence of "STANDING FIRM" on you square. Now by no means am I simplifying it, this maybe the most difficult shit you have to do. B.u.t what is the alternative? To lay down? To concede and roll up and die? To cash yo' chips in? Game over?.... Now cipher!!! As long as I'm breathing, "to give up" IS NOT AN OPTION! This brings me to the knowledge knowledge degree in the 1-40, when it ask," would you sit up @ home and WAIT on a mystery God for food?" The word "wait" is my focal point. Waiting is to be stagnate. Immobile. Not producing. We can not and should not wait even in the most unfavorable times. The most challenging times (should in most cases) manifest action. Performing in tough times build character and confidence. Without these challenges, we'll never know how strong (or weak) our resolve is.

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Tuesday, December 18, 2012


So here we are again family, another holiday season. 85er's say," Infinite it's all about family and tradition etc." I totally understand that. I GET THAT! B.u.t the holiday season is really about "SPENDING $$$!!!" This is the corporate agenda. They (10%) keep you blind, deaf and dumb by covering their dirty agenda with the guise of "family tradition" all the while, you spending all your hard earned $$$ for materialistic shit outside of family/tradition. We all know, even the 85% know Jesus was not born on the 25th of December. However this doesn't deter to many from believing/advocating/supporting this man-made holiday. My only question to the 85% (and this question is to ponder) why would they (10%) lie about the birth of Jesus? This single question should parlay to other questions streaming in the same direction. B.u.t faith/belief tells one to submit and trust the Lord and he'll be the guiding light regardless how the 10% manipulates the masses. With all due respect to Dr. Martin. Luther King, this is consistent with a passive take it on the chin attitude like turning the other cheek. Now cipher! This total submission, nullify's one to think critically and freely about "seemingly" logical questions. So even though we've been lied too (have been for 100's of years) we still rejoice and decorate our xmas tree, hang xmas lights and sing xmas carols, supporting and subconsciously "laying down" to this tricknology. Adults do the babies a disservice by advocating these type of lies without explaining in detail the "TRUTH", the short comings of such holidays. This is subliminal mental warfare. We've been hoodwinked! One of the greatest illusions ever made manifest and Original people are the unfortunate benefactors of such devilishment. Will this xmas hoax ever stop? Probably not. However my mission isn't to stop xmas, my mission is to awaken the masses (as many as possible) to the truth of the 10% agenda and stop taking their word on face value. Do a little research, a little reading, ask a few questions. Properly arm your child with the knowledge and stop letting the 10% dictate our children thoughts and what we should celebrate.

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Thursday, November 15, 2012

"Unjustifiable Piegon-hole"

Now I'm not one to fall victim to the bullshit via gossip. However every now and again one must make their position known. I've heard people pigeon hole a whole group of people into unfavorable categories incorrectly. Example: This God/Earth has had a issue here and there with another God/Earth "ISOLATED INCIDENTS" and they say," that "WHOLE CIPHER" isn't about shit." WTF!?! How do you mathematically add up the total sum from 1 or 2 people? Empathically Now cipher!!! In most cases, these ciphers have 50-70 people in the immediate area. So......issues with 1 or 2 people makes the cipher bullshit? Unproductive? Not building? Fuck that. All this shows and proves is the total lack of understanding on the said person talking outta their ass. I challenge anyone to show and prove that 1 or 2 people represents the whole cipher as a "complete" mindset. Now of course A-likes have liked minds born universal truth, that doesn't mean the bullshit you going through with a said person is the same bullshit that I'm going through with the same person. I consider that some emotionally charged nonsense. Remove the religious connotations and mystery bullshit and deal with the bottom line: All  the Gods and Earths you meet/engage in convo  ARE NOT GOING TO BE YO' ACE-COOM-BOOM!!! We "should've" stop searching for that which does not exist long ago. I deal within reality and my wisdom tells me that everybody isn't going to hold hands and sing "Kumbiya." So why would anybody think different? Because the romanticism of our culture says we're all suppose to be together as one family. This is indeed true. born universal truth, don't take it out of context. You have family members by blood that have real issues with each other.We can agree to disagree and build. Just because you prefer tofu and I prefer steak doesn't mean I can't nor won't build with you. I don't fuck with everybody @ my justice b.u.t I still get the job done engaging in constructive, respectable conversation as a professional. B.u.t to say everybody @ the justice is full of shit would be totally incorrect and display my lack of understanding and very little people skills. As we know in this Nation we show and prove our statements. So the next time you hear somebody talking this nonsense, tell them to show and prove on their square! Because that shit is totally bogus!


Thursday, October 25, 2012

"The only easy day was yesterday...."

Nobody said being the true and living God/Earth was going to be easy. The total weight (6 sextillion tons) of keeping yo word bond is challenging at times. This is actual fact. Any responsible adult reading this can bare witness to my testimony. Just operating with your "higher self" (Allah's World Manifest) can be a constant jousting match just engaging the 85%er's in basic activities. Work, school, gym, restaurants etc. My experience is hood destroy powers be on some bullshit on occasions and if you fall victim, you can end up operating with your lower self (animalistic/destroy power) you/I can be in an unfavorable situation by being knocked off our square. My culture is I-God and my word is my bond I walk, talk I am a God. Not egotistical just being a grown responsible man with children, job, bills and adult responsibilities. And once you operate in that "light" people slowly began to depend on you for anything from money to just being that strong voice of reason or the strong shoulder to lean on. Which is peace! Our duty to teach is done several ways. This being one. Once your life is dealt with "living Mathematics" it all makes sense. The reasons become known. The problems are solved. The imperfection is the beautiful perfection. You know the math is right and exact when you see so many mentally dead(85%) and the ones getting over(10%) and only a few are in the know willing to teach(5%). The easy thing to do would be to say," fuck'it!" And be irresponsible a sometimy ass niga. Now cipher! Stay the course. Each hurdle I successfully jump, the wisdom may have been tough b.u.t the understanding was sweet and appreciated. It's not easy....and whoever said it would be?

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012


The "CRUSHING" power of justice. Justice is neutral. This entity (for a lack of a better term) is unbias. No grey parts, just black or white. No in betweens. RIGHT or WRONG!!! If you been following my blog, you'll know I'm a gang connoisseur/expert/professinal/maven etc. 20 years of experiance makes me (one of) the best knowers in this field. Striving to enlighten these youngster's about the perils of this lifestyle (culture) is the equivalent to hiking up Mt. Everest (29,141 ht), an uphill battle. These yougsters have no idea of the punishing blow that Justice will give them, unforegiving with "NO ROOM FOR ERROR!!!" Meaning, returning back to the essence of getting life in jail. Either way, you out the picture. Allah (The Original people) is compassionate and understanding. For this very reason, it's a very unfortunate situation when youngsters have to learn the hard way about rules and regulations. I see these youngsters out here in Love Allah and give away everything for something so minuscle. I understand the mentality, contradictory, counter-productive thought of being respected, getting recognition and getting money. Lives are being thrown away for a couple of hundred of dollars (if that much SMH). And once most of these youngster's get in the belly of the beast and that color-man is talking about life in jail, reality start sitting in like," WTF am I doing here?!?!" Life in jail becomes to much weight to bare. I can hear somebody saying," hey they choose to do what they did, now they have to pay the consequences." I concur. With a caviot. Most in the wilderness of North America (Original people) were set-up to fail. The foundation is set-up for us to lose or have a difficult time trying to win. No this isn't an excuse, this is actual fact. Albeit this doesn't excuse somebody of malicious crimes living like a savage. Exactly why our job (5% NGE) is to teach all the families on the planet Earth and save as many of these youngster's we can.


Sunday, August 26, 2012

I.s.l.a.m vs IGod (or is there a difference???)

Islam as I see it, as being one with the culture of the NGE's, is IGod. I self lord am master. I (am) God. Same thing. Whether I say IGod or Islam it is still the culture. It is difficult to "recondition" one self to internalize Islam as being a God-center culture of the true and living God making manifest "Peace!!!" However, if our paradigm is understood correctly by a said person, one would be able to show and prove Islam as a culture of Peace and not a religion. This isn't a build to deviate on the relevance of Islam as a religion, culture blah, blah, blah. This is a build to stand perpendicular on my square on "HOW I SEE ISLAM." Nowadays, I see and hear the culture referred too as "IGod" in most cases. I hear Elders referred to the culture as Islam (a few Earth's too). Do we as a culture shy away from "Islam???" As in preferring "IGod" instead of "Islam?" Answer may vary depending on who you ask, I know. I really see it as growth, progression. Islam to IGod. IGod does exclusively belong to the NGE's. B.u.t why all the "meaningless, non-productive jargon about which one is better?" USE WHAT'S GOOD FOR YOU!!! Stop the childish games of tomatoe and to"ma"toe. Same shit. This shows dissention amongst the fold. For something so small in the grand scheme of things. Of course this is my see on the said subject which is subjective to each person as an individual.  Our Islam (NGE) is "NOT" religious. It's our culture, our way of life.Not to be limited by so-called religions with their limiting titles. Our Islam has no begining and no ending. It has been here before Prophet Muhammah (PBUH) and obviously will be here trillions of years after him. NO LIMIT!!! This my concise 8 on the subject. Do what you do with it. Peace


Monday, August 6, 2012

6 Sextillion tons on my back!!!

Stress......Stress is a .....muthaf&*%$!!! First of all I see stress as a mental challenge. Albeit, variables could very well be taking place that is of extreme importance however, I still consider this a mental burden for a lack of a better term. Family issues, finanical issues, all fall under the umbella of how we mentally internalize the said subject  which will determine the levels of stress (if there is any) we incur. One of my mantra's is," if it isn't death or jail the subject can be worked out i.e fixed or settled."  Kind of a survialist attitude b.u.t this cipher where I'm at (South Central Los Angeles CA) it works good on this poor part of the planet Earth. When we "feel" over whelmed, stress rolls in like high tide. I'm definitely an advocate of dealing with what is and solving issues from a practical stand point. Ex: if your in jail, don't worry about how you got there so to speak, b.u.t contemplate on how your going to get out i.e beat the case. That's what I consider practical thinking. Stress is a vaild and definite hinderance to somebodies health. Mental and phyiscal. Stress is a devil I strive to get off my planet (mind). Some situations are unavoidable and will have to be dealt with in a less then advantageous space. Suggested solutions: 1.Identify the cause of the stress. 2.At that point is there anything you can do to relieve the stress? 3. Deal with what it is and not what you feel/think. The results may hurt, b.u.t it'll only hurt for a minute.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

"The Science of Self (book review)"

I just finished reading my copy of the "Science of  Self." I had the pleaseure of picking up the Science of Self  from this years show and prove held in Mecca (NYC). First I'd like to say the buzz around this book has been the biggest (to me anyway) in recent releases from SDP (Supreme Design Publishing). Which gave it a nice anticipation factor. I've been purchasing books from SDP for years now. Titles include: "How to Hustle and Win Vol I & II" "Hood Health Book Vol I & II" "The Knowledge of Self" and  "365 Days of Real Black History"  2012 calender (that I got from the S&P 2012 also). Now on to my review, the SOS is exactly that the sciecne of (your)self. There's a whole plethora of information as it pertains to the universe, Earth, man and woman. Their books (SDP) I've read all have a sense of humor with a level of intelligence that shows and proves their due diligence about professionalism and providing the masses with update data that is "ABSOLUTELY" pertinent to all the human families especially the Original family.  Alot of this text (if not all) is material me and a student (going thru 120 degrees) would go thru via the library or internet (google/bing). Albeit, you don't have to be going thru 120 or apart of this Nation (5% NGE) to get the jewels out of this brilliant text. Again this information is for all who wants to know more. Getting into the SOS. If you haven't scratched the surface on the origin of the universe, how the Earth was form or when, evolution etc, this work could be a little over your head. You have to have some scientist gene in you that ask questions. And not settle for "God/Jesus created everything" can't explain it just know it's here. Now cipher!!!  Also there's references on what to read and an appendix full of viable information as well. The Gods definitely did an excellent job on this project. Click here to get your copy: This is a most add to your personal library. With that said, get your copy and support a project that is righteous, benefical and will bless future generations to come. Peace


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Farrakhan and the FOI hit the streets......

The Honorable Louis Farrakhan made kowledge born about hitting the streets with the FOI (Fruit of Islam) to show an united front, support, and down right disapproval of the senseless violence perpetrated throughout the ghetto's of North America (in particular, Chicago/C-Medina.) 135 cities to be exact. Yesterday they (FOI) hit the streets running! I'll admit I didn't hear the Minister speak upon the event nor what it entails and for how long or was this a one shot deal? B.u.t I know the preception was profound. For the average Joe/Jane to see civilized, well groomed, well dressed, well disciplined men walking thru their neighborhood building with men, women and children to shine light on the knowledge of self and unity amongst other valuable topics as well had to leave a positive impression. In the grand scheme of things will this make a difference? Right now, this very moment, I would yes on a minute level. No negative connotations, just my fair, reality driven assessment. Out of hundreds of people yesterday who was involved in some capacity, observing, walking, or whatever, somebody will become better, spread the word, make a change and grow. So in this capacity, it was not in vain. However on the larger scale? This didn't scratch the surface. B.U.T THIS IS AN EXCELLENT DISPLAY OF TALKING THE TALK AND WALKING THE WALK, knowledge and wisdom being manifest. The answer to solving this genocidal problem has yet to be discovered. Just this past 4th of July a young teenage girl was returned back to the essecne out here in Love Allah and she was a friend of my daugther's. (SMH) This story is so prevalent, redundant and depressing that it's clear to see why the 85%er's have no hope and live for the moment with no regard about the next day. As adults our knowledge and wisdom must manifest maturity, focus, discipline and striving for love, peace and happiness. Without true examples what light do the youth reflect? Leave it up to entertainers? EMPHATICALLY NOW CIPHER!!! There's nothing wrong with entertainer's being role models b.u.t that shouldn't be the only avenue when the youth rarly get any interaction with these people. With the FIO hitting streets I see that as saying we (adults) have to do more then just talk. Nor is it up to the NOI to solely carry the load. Whether you agree or not, we all (adults) have a responsibility as well.


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

13 year old Chess Master.......

We as Original people are excellent @ a plethora of ciphers. Alot of ciphers we are proficient in b.u.t get lil to no recognition. Chess being one of those ciphers...Do the one.....And the young God name is Justice....Mathematics are always right and exact.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Disgruntled color people continue the ignorance.....

As we know (or should know) racism is very much prevalent just in more clandestine ways. Every now and then it's overtly manifested however I see it being done incognito.Any football fans? Not NFL, soccer! Now I'm no big soccer enthusiast I'm doing the one @ this point. Anyway, last week or so the EURO2012 was being played and Italy was making their run to the championship of this particular EURO2012. The stand out player was Mario Balotelli. An Original man (black) of Ghana (well his biological parents were). He was raised in Italy. Mario shined @ pivotal moments during the EURO2012 run and was racially badgered by fans and Italian media via the newspaper. And just this past weekend Serena Williams shined bright by winning another Wimbledon. B.u.t again the colored man showed his true natue and attempted to label her sheer dominance "savage." I'm not a big advocate of yelling, "this is racist and that is racist." Not me. However, subtle inunedos are there. These two sports (soccer and tennis) are still viewed as European sports (non-original). Once Original people start dominating these respective sports the truth peeks it's ugly head. Now I'm not saying Original people are dominating these sports b.u.t we are a force to be reckon with and acknowledged.
The signs are all here to see things for what they really are. To excel in a color man's arena (for lack of a better term) the defamation will come in some form. To undermind the accomplishments of the Original Man. This is nothing new. History shows us that the color man purposely hid/destroyed  major contributions that the Original Man has made to society and the world at large.
So at this age of media (in all forms) there's no hiding the accomplishments b.u.t these ignorant muth@$#%'s can still talk shit (smh).


Thursday, July 5, 2012

Is being "aware" the same as being "conscious?" Let me elucidate.... On a general level, yes the rebuttal could very well be that consciousness and awareness is the same thing. B.u.t you know we (NGE's) are into breaking down atoms to revel the hidden jewel inside. With that said, I see being aware as in acknowledging words and actions but not internalizing it for a higher conscious decision for optimum results. Being aware is like you know fire burns b.u.t being conscious of the fire is knowing the "ramifications" of the burn. A deeper understanding, a step by step process on how a particular cipher was born. So I see a difference when being aware and being conscious. Another example will be someone who is a burglar. They're "aware" its a very realistic possibility they might end up in jail for devilishment exploits. B.u.t being "conscious" of going to jail and all it entails (home sick, no freedom to move about, riots, degrading mentally/physically etc) is another story. Being "conscious" of the consequences will either deter you or @ the minimal help one except the responsibility of their actions. How you see it?


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

"A Badge of Honor"

My ground zero, my daily ops is in the hood. My justice cipher born isn't in the hood (which is where a good majority of my time is spent) yet in still  I consider my time spent in the concrete jungle i.e the "HOOD." Unfortunately, the hood is comprised of predominantly 85%ers. I mean that to say most are ignorant (or just don't want to know) about the tricknowlogy that is propagated threw out North America and all over the planet Earth. This is definitely psychological warfare that Original people are losing. This is on a grand level b.u.t if I drill down to specifics my personal experiences engaging various people in conversations shows and proves  that the dumb, deaf and blind are in abundance. We (and yes I'm generalizing) in the hood glorify negativity. Actions (wisdom) that we know isn't good for us even to the point of slowly killing ourselves. Example: waking up to a blunt (swisher sweet) and beer/alcohol. Like @ 8am. Sounds asinine however this is all to real and the norm. This is glorified like a badge of honor. I hear nigas/bitches talking how they can't eat until they smoke a blunt. Getting their mind right. Childern speaking of not going to school like they the shit and  belittling the childern going  to school like you ain't cool. This is fucked up mathematics!!! And the whole going to jail/been to jail like that makes you a man (beating my chest like a fucking gorilla). (Smfh). I just got out so I'm cool, I'm hard. I'm down blah,blah, blah. One can expect this type of attitude from a teenage b.u.t this is  grown men attitudes as well. Yea, you a rider, super-crip with no medical, no dental, no egg nest of money for rainy days, and i could go on b.u.t you get the gist of it. Also (which is more bigger then just a HOOD issue) we as men glorify how many females we hit (had sex with). Nowadays, females glorify how many men "THEY HIT!" WOW. New wave shit. Eating unhealthy foods (mentally and physically). If I got a dime for every time I've heard somebody say they don't want to think I could retire  right now. How unproductive is that? Not utlilizing the strongest computer(weapon) known to man? So your head is a fucking hat-rack huh? This young brother be checking out my eating habits @ work (small meals, oatmeal, fruit, salads, water, 100% organic juices etc) and made the comment, " if it's not fried or pork, I ain't fucking with it." The 85%ers. I won't belabor the points here, we all are familar with these type of scenarios. Outside of pork and eating terribly wrong, all the rest mentioned above I was guilty of also. Before the KOS I indulged in all type of 85% activities that I too glorified. So though it my seem like I'm passing judgment I'm really not. Only staing the facts that we all know is the truth. However once we know better, we do better or fall victim to the universal justice and deal with the consequences. In closing there's no honor in dumb down our communities/people. Destroying ourselves from within. It's a dam shame I tell you, a dam shame.................


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Dead Prez Build

I been doing the one to Dead Prez for 6 or 7 years now. Relovutionary thought. Conscious foundation. Health conscious also. Music with a purpose. One of their bigger hits that got quality air play was "It's bigger then HipHop." Which is actually true when you see their activities are more then music. Their active in the community, lectures and books.I've now learned that Sticman (1 half of the duo) is activitely involved into fitness/health and is making knowledge born  thru music (2011 full CD on health/fitness entitled : THE WORKOUT) and the internet Health/fitness is supremely underrated in the community. Albeit, it's in a better light then it every been in the hood. I've been going to gym's now for well over 15 years. All the major ones out here in Los Angeles, 24 hr fitness, Balley's, LA fitness. And this isn't official data b.u.t I know alot more people from the hood go today then 15 years ago.So progress is being made. Underrated b.u.t improvement. I like how Sticman infuses health/workouts with consciousness. Gets the machine going. Also the God, Jerule Allah is out here in Love Allah pushing the health/fitness agenda as well, certified personal trainer. Do the one:  Exercise the mind and body. Mental and physical fitness. Whether your a beginner or advanced vet in working out, do the one to these links and add on to your cipher(s) individually and collectively...............................................................................................Infinite7

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Do the one to this excellent display of "Allah's World Manifest!!!"

Thursday, June 14, 2012

My Pilgrimage back' to Mecca (S&P 2012)

This past weekend (6/8-6/10) was the "Nation of Gods and Earths" annual Show and Prove in NYC Mecca. 41 years and still going!!!I was fortunate enough to make the pilgrimage, all the way from Love Allah on the westcoast. As I've stated in many of post before I'm a critical thinker and I anaylze everything including myself to the best of my ability without being bias. My first time out there and it was excellent. All the history about the Nation, the Gods, the Earths, the landmarks.......Alot to take in however it was a pleasure to absorb the rich history of this great Nation!!! Too bare witness to the unity, camaraderie of Original people coming together for one common cause was profound. Walking down 125th st one of the things that stood out was the overall black consciousness , good, bad or indifferent it was there. And no, everybody was not 5%er's b.u.t they were conscious on their own square. Afrocentric, moors, muslims....they all were on 125th. Bowling with the Gods, Earths and babies was entertaining. The bar-b-que held in the garden of Allah's school was peace and cordial. Traveling to Medina (ft greene) for the dance @ 12am was thrilling. The actual show and prove, rapping, singing, science projects, poetry, books, food...etc was a beautiful sight to see. The power of untiy is profound. I built with some gods I've met over the internet. Other gods I've had the opportunity to meet some years back, I saw them at the S&P. I definitely advise and encourage all who are apart of this Nation to make their pilgrimage back to the root. I want to say "PEACE" to my universal family back @ the root and to name a few, Allah B, Virtuous, Life Supreme, Amar, Infinite Al Jamar, Divine, Earthly Jewels, Wise Islam, Um Allah, Hakim and everybody else that made my jounery feel like home. PEACE!!!!............................................... Infinite7

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Carmelo a 5%???

Never a shortage of topics to build on.......Soooo... Carmelo Anthony posted a pic (somewhere..facebook/twitter???) with a chain sporting a medillion with the Universal Flag on it. For those who are unfamiliar with the Universal Flag, it's the official flag of the Nation of Gods and Earths. Of course there has been rumbling about whether he was right or wrong about wearing the flag. Lets do the one "objectively!" One side of the story (pros): Whether or not he knows in detail about the NGE's is nil. I'm sure somebody told him that this (Universal Flag) says," THE BLACKMAN IS GOD!" Which I'm inclined to believe he liked that. Representing and or showing support for his follow brethen was all done in a positive light. Acknowledging "unity" is of extreme importance even if his knowledge is limited. What if he wears a African t-shirt? He's not from Africa. Doesn't know to much about shit going on over there. Yet and still, wearing the t-shirt shows support for "US", Original people. Now the other side of the story (cons): He isn't from the Nation. He doesn't know enough to wear our Flag. If he knew more would he even support our cause/tradition? Our flag is sacred and take it the fuck off!!! He mis-representing it............Look @ all the "emotional" reactions to a single picture. In reality how many of us really know the real story behind this? Are we going to kick his ass for wearing our flag without the proper permission? Does a person need/have to be from this Nation to wear the Universal Flag? I know depending on who you ask, YES!!! My position is, as long as its civil done with a righteous intent, i don't see a problem. Born universal truth, if the said person is savage uncivil, anti-righteous then NOW CIPHER!!! Mis-representing any cipher with their logo/flag will have anybody taking this one person on face value to represent the whole. I know, I know, the tradition is.....If you let one person do it it'll catch on and have all kind of uncivil mofo's rock'in the Flag. I definitely see both sides of the story. Just be mindful that this Nation has grown and will continue to grow. Policing whether or not somebody wears the flag in accordance with our tradition will become...challenging. Each person will have to address this as they see with their own understanding.......................Infinite7

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Religion vs Tradition

Does tradition mean "religiously" following the template of a particular cipher? Following rules and regulations? Every cipher (person,place or thing) has it's own unique guidelines to follow. It's own paradigm. The NGE's are big advocates of not "BEING RELIGIOUS" b.u.t are (some anyway) are "HUGE TRADIDTIONALIST." This fine line of religious vs tradition can sometimes become blurred. Everything we know from a macrocosm to a microcosm has an order. Rules and regulations that every particular cipher adheres too. That's actual fact. So in line with universal law, we in the NGE's also adhere to particular guidelines under the umbrella of "Allah's 5% Nation." I hear builds," Allah said this, the Elder's said that, the First born did this that way, the degree said this......." All these adages have merits in their own right and should be used as a guideline b.u.t not "REILIGOUSLY!" Not sounding or being religious like.......RELIGIOUS PEOPLE. The foundation is the foundation sacred, lets be clear on that first. The original blackman is GOD, the original black woman is the Earth, no pork, etc. Yes somethings are "religious." Again these are paradigms within the NGE's that must be followed. Period. Contary to popular belief with individuals outside of the Nation, we (NGE's) do not make our own rules and do what we like good or bad. Now cipher. That's just ignorance. A lack of understanding of this Nation in it's totality. Quoting lessons, quotes from the Honorable Elijah Muhammad is a "reference point" not my understanding as in my thoughts and experiences that manifest my TRUE UNDERSTANDING as an individual. Regurgitated wisdom is grafted wisdom, far from original. The best builds come from experience and not from what you heard. And what somebody else did or is doing shines no light on you and what you got going. What are you doing? .....................................................................Infinite7

Thursday, May 24, 2012

"Humility is a Component of Civilty"

I was once deaf, dumb and blind. By all accounts I would say the former me was violent. Very. I find this violent attitude typical in the hood. For a multitude of reasons. Violence is the "SEEMINGLY" cure all/fix all in settling differences/issues in the hood. Of course from time to time some (very few) disagreements get solved with "civil" solutions. However the challenge is dealing with mentally violent people and this is all they know, the equality to build without kicking ass/getting yo ass kicked is a daily hurdle. It's easy to say,"fuck it!!! and knock the shit outta somebody. B.u.t is that civilization? Is that showing and proving the higher intelligence? Empathically Now Cipher!!! Albeit i do agree whole heartedly that there are certain situations when physical justice is the order of the day. I consider that the "expection" not the rule. When I was younger and living the destory power to the fullest, OG's that were none active I consider "pussy's!" they got older and got soft. Again that was juvenile thinking literally, I was like knowledge equality years old. Now, I know better. Yes some people get older and square up however to view them as "soft" would be and could be a grossly bad judgement. What I know now and I exercise this same frame of thought, that I know I have no fear in my heart and fighting is nothing. However, pick and chose your battles and if the situation calls for it jump into the melee and let the chips fall where they may!!! This I have no problem with. However the 85% around you may consider this to be weakness. So should I just start busting nigas in their fucking head like a savage? Absolutely not. I stand on my square of truth and fuck what others may think. Violate any section on those 4 90 degree angles and I'll show and prove fearlessness! I see the culture of I-God having to show humility to do what? to civilize. I can not teach civility if I'm praticpating in savagrey. I know for an actual fact I'm not the only God that comes across these challenges. Ones who have lived a violent life "AND HAVE MATURREEEDDDD" know the down side, the nonsense. This is a lesson that needs to be advocated more, especially to the youth. Infinite7

Monday, April 23, 2012

The perception is.....

Is "perception" reality? Do the one. If I wore baggy clothes, tattoo's and talked with a street slang, would the perception be I'm a gangster? More times then not, yes sir. This type of attire is specifically targeted as "hood wear" typical of gang members. However this doesn't automatically "make" somebody the said person of the gang culture. A woman who models bikini's, panties and bras, is she promiscuous? What does the perception say? If all u see is her modeling/posing in panties? Lewd? Easy?....Well I'm sure you get the gist of what I'm saying. Albeit, in my own koran(history) most times peoples outward appearances are definitely their reality/life. Yet instill, to judge somebody or something on pure appearance could lead one in the wrong direction. Passing unfound judgment which isn't right and exact. Do your due diligence and get facts before passing judgment, taking ciphers on face value will find one in the loser column.

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Thursday, April 12, 2012

You take the initiative!

Would u sit up @ home and wait on that mystery God for food? NOW CIPHER!!! In that statement the word "food" can be substituted as money, clothing, job, love, peace, happiness etc. "WAITING" is the root cause of the problem. If you don't work you don't eat. Closed mouth don't get feed. If you don't believe in self who is going to believe in you. Shit why should anybody believe in you if you don't believe in your self? Only lip service I know of and appreciate is sexual(woman). I don't advocate nor adhere to lip service/lip professors with no action I.e "No RESULTS!" Knowledge without wisdom is a fruitless thought. Knowledge alone can not put one in the cipher of love,peace and happiness. All the mechanics/mathematics has to be "activated" to get to the goal/gold. The action of acting on a thought, bringing that thought into the physical realm is contagious to others in near proximity. Action(wisdom) is the order of the day, month and year. Enough with the verbals. Make said knowledge born and show and prove that we/you talk the talk and walk the walk.

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Friday, April 6, 2012

New borns, fresh faces, knowledge seekers......

Saturday (3/31/12) we here in Love Allah held our bi-weekly 120/Civilization Class. We built on math and the knowledge degree in the 1-40. The stand out to me was the new faces. Two sisters and one brother. That was PEACE! Showing and proving that we (NGE's) are the piece with the magnetic (22-40). Truth is truth regardless to whom or what. To look @ knowledge in a vacuum is a handicap as far as I'm concerned. Whether or not these said individuals continue to come around and be apart of this Nation or not is a huge concern for me. I'm more concerned about the jewels they take back and bless others with. It's always peace to see the magnetic of the culture of IGod bringing brothers and sisters to the cipher. Shout out to the builders that build. Shout out to the brothers and sisters that attended the class. That's one of the first steps toward this knowledge.

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Monday, March 26, 2012

"Are you a Leader or Follower??"

There's a fine line between being a leader and follower. We, sometimes have our vision/direction obfuscated by "emotions/pride" on whether we're a leader or follower. Being a follower is looked upon in most scenarios as a peon, incapable of leading and just not qualified. Of course after being fed the wrong foods, we all want to run before we crawl. Which is putting the wisdom before the knowledge. Being a "real" leader entails huge responsibility and making tough decisions that everybody isn't cut out to make. Doing the knowledge first on what it is to be a follower and "LEARN" as you grow, prepares one for the tough decisions. Ex: Kobe Bryant wasn't a leader we he first hit the NBA. As far as I'm concerned he really didn't hit the leadership qualities until the last 4 or 5 years. Of course Kobe's is an unique situation however, he followed the rules and regulations of the league/team and now exerts himself as a bonafide leader. His talent was obvious b.u.t being a leader is something he had to grow into. Very few people will admit to being a follower b.u.t we all follow to some degree. We follow a plan right? We follow a curriculum right? We all have positions to play. Until we exert ourselves for a "promotion" showing and proving that we are ready for added responsibility, whatever position we play, we should maintain it until we're ready for the next challenge. And being honest with self, you/we should know when we're ready. Every leader isn't a leader. A title or position doesn't qualify one as a leader. Experience and a proven track record does.


Friday, March 23, 2012

Thursday, March 22, 2012

In "REAL" life.......

On a grand level, when I contemplate culture, I think of life in general. Not just my own life in a vacuum b.u.t the cipher of life in it's totality. Hot days, cold days, sunrises, sunsets, applying for jobs, losing jobs, fuc'in with this person and not that person etc. Life we all can relate too regardless of race gender and all that other bullshit. How much control do we have over our life? I say, to the ones with knowledge of self or conscious (and I don't mean black consciousness) any consciousness as far as health and "SA" (Situational Awareness) we have approximately 90-95% control over our lives. This is an individual who establishes a plan and strives to live out that plan to the best of their ability. Health conscious, regular doctor visits, dentist visits, 401k plan, life insurance, investments, self employed, home owner, owner of their own business. This is indicative of a person with a "prior" plan that has executed the plan laid down from the start. Life to death, from knowledge to born and everything in between. Wisdom, understanding, culture, power, equality, God and build/destroy. There is no road map to navigate thru life. Yea, one can pose the argument that the bible, qur'an or 120 is a road map for life b.u.t that is in theory. In "REAL" life all you have is your judgement, wits and hopefully a plan even if one chooses to use other vehicles (bible, qu'ran or 120) as a road map.


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Myopic Consciousness @ home and abroad

Some basic tenets of the 5%(NGE's) is knowledge,wisdom and understanding. Look,listen,observe. Put thought into motion/action. Then reap the benefits, good or bad. This is pretty simple on all levels and arguably normal logic. Now what about the tunnel vision individuals? The one's who only c there point of view with little to no room for other considerations. You know the old cliche,There's more then one way to skin a cat. I c that as saying there could be (in certain scenarios) multiple "understandings" that are valid. However, there is only one truth!!! When one is "STUBBORN" and refuses to internalize other views, that is religious and/or religion!!! Assimilate, adapt, grow.....CHANGE. Restrictions on growth and development is a fuc'in handicap. Glass ceilings? Nigas with low self-esteem? I contribute this form of "stagnate cancer" to the lack of knowledge, the type of growing broad base knowledge. Yes, one can know the Original blackman is God b.u.t if that's your final answer you are "VERY" limited my brother/sister. To combat tunnel vision is to be conscious on a supreme level. To acknowledge your own limitations and go beyond your comfort zone and stop being bull-headed about other schools of thought/knowledge. Taking the best part for self and getting rid of the rest. I'm a firm advocate of "EVERYTHING" has a valuable lesson (however minute) it just has be seen and acknowledged.


Sunday, February 12, 2012

Here we go again(smh)......

Actual fact: yesterday night (which was technically 2 1/2 hours ago) it was a teenage club night @ a lil hall type place. Hours were from 8:30pm to 2am. Do the knowledge to "TEENage" club night, meaning 14,15,16,17 year olds. Now we're in South Central Los Angeles notorious for gang activity with high emphasis on the gang active teenagers. (In retrospect, recipe for destruction) All hell broke loose around midnight. Arguing lead to fist fighting which ultimately lead to gunshots! 2 hit! Teenage girl one shot in leg (stable) and one young man, shot in the neck (critical) @ the hospital fighting for his life. I won't build on specifics, just know this was gang related. Allah(me) is a compassionate God. The culture of destroy power is exactly that "DESTROYING POWER!" Annihilating truth, eradicating potential and perpetuating confusion and chaos. To the youth, the babies the next generation. This epidemic is prevalent across the wilderness of North America and beyond to regions I have no knowledge of. Genocide or ignorance the results are the same, heartache and death. This history, the gang culture from the early 80's when gang violence sky rocketed, continues to repeat itself. Renewing it's weak and wicked history religiously. The energy to collectively make a change in this day and time is so sporadic due to the closeness of a tragic event. Typically, we see tragedies on the news/newspapers daily. This actually numbs us to the violence at large and this doesn't effect us on a personal level. However, "IF" this tragedy is us our family member, we find the energy to want to make a change. Putting that knowledge into action(wisdom). I'm also guilty of this. Now I know better, I do better. We tend to want to fix shit once it's already broke and upon us. This is indicative of poor planning. This is high risk, life of death. Yes, it's to that extreme. This tragedy happens daily. The builders must builder to save as many as we can. There's consequences for the 5%er's who doesn't perform their duty! (19-40) they shall be beaten with many stripes. Until you see that unfortunate individual laying on the ground returning to essence, it's difficult to feel the reality of that moment. B.u.t that very moment brings that clarity to one on how real and serious these streets really are. Life aint shit to fuc' with!

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Just was doing the knowledge to a sister affectionately name "Vanity Wonder" with a massive derriere on her 4'11 frame. She admittingly received "butt shots" and has wrote a book on the said subject. Not being able to build with her in the physical to get a true/better understanding of her reasoning, I'll add on in a general consensus. Chemically or surgically modifying one's appearance for non-medical reasons speak to insecurities. Albeit on a conscious or subconscious level. The need to look appealing according to the standards of entertainment is @ an all time high. Risky and potentially dangerous yet and still some take the gamble. Now of course we all gamble to some extent in our own way that may not be acceptable so I'm not suggesting we're holy. I'm pointing to the mental factor. The example for the next generation. 120 teaches that one can become "other then their own self." Modifying one's physical appearance is being other then your own self. In the case of Vanity Wonder I say the butt enhancement was a monetary decision. She's a model and a pretty smile with a big booty goes along way in this age of small waist lines and round asses i.e Kim K and J-Lo. So her determined idea to get known/publicity has been successful to some degree. However falling victim to what other's want you to be or what other's consider "beauty" doesn't show allot of self love i.e knowledge of self. We relinquish our power when we exist according to other people wants and wishes. Slave mentality revisited. Yea, yea this is highly debatable i know b.u.t when one puts health @ risk for an appearance the question must be asked. The repeated adage of not loving thy self rings loud and clear in these scenarios. I'm sure Vanity Wonder has made some good money after the enhancement however, I'll challenge that by saying @ what cost? Does she have kids? (IDK) Is she a role model? Maybe. What is the message here? Go all out for the money? Sale your soul for money? Or fuck what everybody think and just do you? The "just do you" mantra is a cliff that should be traversed very carefully. "Just do you" in the wrong context entails uncivilized and savagery in one's ways and actions. Not to say this sister is savage, just the IDGF attitude is rarely a good thing. In closing to each they own, this shows and proves the mental destruction that was bestowed upon us (original people) many years ago and continues to happen today on a conscious and subconscious level.


Saturday, February 4, 2012

Emotional Unrest

Emotions are like a catch 22 when not under some form of control however minute it maybe. It is very easy to write about or talk about having your/my emotions in check b.u.t, in the middle of an actual situation that elicits emotions, how will I/you fair? This isn't a build on mastering emotions. This is a build about "NOT BEING A SLAVE TO EMOTIONS." Utilizing emotions in a positive light is a positive use of "emotional energy." Negative use, impetuously reacting to a situation that leaves one in a precarious situation is counter-productive. I won't advocate "trying" to get rid of emotions b.u.t instead utilize them to maxium effect. Unrest emotions are detrimental when reaction is rudiment oppose to being pro-active. Focus that energy for preferred results.


Saturday, January 28, 2012

Stay Ready So you don't have to Get Ready!

Proper planning prevents poor performance. Planning is imperative for any goal of substance and worth. Understand that a plan is not a guarantee for success nor does it mean every step is going to go according to plan. A plan is a blueprint, a type of guide to follow to achieve a given goal. Navigating off of impetus, reactive movements greatly limits the chance of success. Blind faith, blind hope? It's like establishing a business plan. Something tangible and practical that can be explained. We I ask the question,"where do u see yourself in 5 years?" The usually is,"owning a house, nice car married etc." Then I ask," how are you going to achieve this?" Answer,"don't know yet, haven't thought it out , I just know that's where I want to be in 5 years." Again, no planning just blind fate. The habit of planning should be cultivated over time to become the norm in everyday thought. The future belongs to those who "plan" for it today (Malcolm X).

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Monday, January 23, 2012

Returning to Essence

A love one returning to essence is rarely a smooth transition for the family/friends on the physical plane. Equality months ago my lil nephew (16 yrs old) returned to the essence and I still struggle with not being able to c him and build. I'm not the first nor last to face this reality and deal with or strive to come to an understanding of my own mortality. The illusion of time gives us a false perception that we have a "long time" to live. True I master equality is easier said then done. Do I master the equality of time? Do I execute on a said subject where I know time is of the essence? Time with love ones, am I maximizing that time as efficiently as possible as it relates to teaching/building? Now cipher! I challenge any to show and prove they are 100% religiously. This is a task not easily managed. The best intentions sometimes fall short of the original plan. Then we regret "time" lost. One can only strive to maintain the consciousness of being that attentive all the true I master equality. Speaking from the heart is one of my traits I use to convey feelings of sincerity. And some people have a hard time telling their love one they love them. Time is of the essence. Tomorrow isn't promised.

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Friday, January 20, 2012

"What are we here for?"

You every do the knowledge to that scene off Belly when Sincere tell Bunns," yo God, you ever think about what you here for?" (Not verbatim b.u.t close). That's a question I'm sure we've all asked our selves one time or another. What is your purpose in life? Is there an agenda? Something you are suppose to do? WTF!?! I c the answer being whatever you are doing, that is what your suppose to be doing, because you doing it right? That's too easy an answer for nigas though. Some people like a mystical, mysterious connotation like,"my zodiac say I'm here to be a star!" That's some shit printed on a piece of paper you got out of a fortune cookie from some cheap ass chinese food joint that doubles as Louisiana Fried Chicken and your basing your life agenda on it? (Smh) To each they own, that's just not my modus operandi. Original people have an inherited gene that differentiates right from wrong. Basic common sense. Diluted, mixed and tampered with undermines this gene and one becomes mentally dead. Oblivious to this fact we "believe" in the pie in the sky I.e a fucing note from a fortune cookie. I'm here in this physical manifestation to add on to the human families on the planet Earth in a righteous light. I'm here to make my cipher better. To leave a legacy of positivity and continuous growth. So the next time you/i hear somebody wishing on pipe dreams from "Cleo the psychic" tell'em to get the hell out here. In a civil way of course. Peace.

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Monday, January 16, 2012

"Happy Born Day Dr.MLK Jr."

Today is recognized(by most)as a holiday, Dr.King's born day. Which is really on the 15th b.u.t ok. Knowledge Equality (16-40) builds on "who is the 5% on the poor part of the planet Earth?" I cee Dr.King as being a 5%er, not Allah's 5% b.u.t one who advocates freedom, justice and equality to all the human families on the planet Earth. Acknowledging his "mission" as viable, challenging and obviously life threatening one has to tilt the crown and give this original man a big "PEACE" for his contributions. Now of course there are numerous others that should be in the same category as Dr.King (Malcolm X, Fred Hampton, Medgar Evers to name a few.) However Dr.King fits the socially acceptable criteria to stand on this platform. "NON-VIOLENT." His tactics were needed. Everybody had/has a position to play. Everybody can't militant nor can everybody be non-violent. Knowledgig the equality is having both, balance. This brings heated disagreements between parties b.u.t the disagreements are a lack of understanding. In a village, there are, builders, hunters, cookers, weavers, council, doctors etc. Various positions to be played. This science goes across the board of real life. If everybody were the same it would be like clones, drones, robots, FUCKING BORING.Dr.King dam sure didn't bare witness that the Original Black Man is God b.u.t he didn't have too, to build with liked minded individuals. Knowledge Equality borns God, (7-14) "Why does the devil call our people Africans?" To "SEPARATE!!!" the Original people. So Dr.King didn't adhere to the culture of I-God did that mean building was out of the question? Empathically Now Cipher!!! This science has to be applied to todays reality. Peace to Dr.King and the example he set.


Saturday, January 14, 2012

Justice Allah Now Knowledge Culture

Knowledge Culture of Justice Allah Now. SA (Situational Awareness) is a term I first heard about during a build pertaining to Air Marshals. One of their exercises/training is to assess their surroundings and stay ready for anything. People, entries, exists, cars, shops etc. I c Knowledge Culture as SA. Knowing the layout. Your surroundings. This you must know "NOW!" Who are you around? The people? Spots? The destroy power's civilization is here and present. This destroy power could be a nurses pin engraved in your mental. Knowledging one's culture is knowing one's self amongst other things. Paying attention to detail is rudimentary. The Power(5) is the strengthen to choose. Right or wrong, we make the decisions and we choose. Without acknowledging your cipher the potential for error is great. Justice for Allah(self) is Now! Knowledge your cipher recognize the destroy power and the power is knowing that truth.

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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Where I'm @ with it!

Before my introduction into the NGE's I was essentially who I am now. Growth and development has always been my modus operandi, even from an early age. If one was to flip mt Koran back 20 sura's "boyz-n-hood, menace to society and colors" would be the headliner. I was always cognizant of incarceration and the high probability of my own death. Shit I was so naive I thought jail was mandatory, some form of rights of passage if you will. Now flip 20 sura's to now. My warriorism, rights of passage was completed many moons ago. Though I "don't" regret my savagery and uncivilized adolescent years, I clearly saw my immatureness and lack of respect for many ciphers. At this point in my travels it's very clear to see that some mature better/faster then others, on an intellectual level. I'm cerebral/analytical maybe even to much. Too conservative to a degree. However there's a plan, a method to the madness. I know grown muthafucas with no plan! A verbal plan "MAYBE" b.u.t is doing absolutely nothing to manifest that reality. I've never been to no military training or nothing b.u.t I'm a very disciplined individual. I'm perfect for who I am and what I'm doing right now b.u.t the general consensus of what being perfect is, I'm not. I have a true passion to help people and at the same time I have little to no patience for egotistical ignorant individuals. Yea I know that's counter intuitive as we (NGE's) adhere to the 18-40. Patience is a virtue I'm incessantly working on. Lip professors and hypocrites are prevalent and YES EVEN IN THE NATION! I build all the time on the fact that just because somebody, God or Earth, comes in the name and can talk slick doesn't make that person right and exact even on the minimal levels. Dealing with your love ones (family) is a struggle in it's self. The equality, common ground for both to build on with that understanding is rarely manifested in my family anyway. I'm the only one with KOS, which doesn't mean my family is incompetent. My style of building is factual with reality, no sugar coating. And must people enjoy/like to have their "shit sugar coated!" LOL!!!! So, I'm the proverbial asshole from time to time. Which is peace, because it's done sincerely with a righteous intent. I'm not a "religious 5%er." I'm stoic about what a muthafucas belief is. Belief isn't shit if it isn't born. And if one is a fuc'ing barbarian I'm not fuc'ing with you anyway. Attitudes are like opinions and opinions are like assholes, we all have one. So to get caught up in someone else's equality is your bad. Alot of this knowledge we already know, the "REEDUCATION" of the masses is rudimentary. However alot of nigas (85%er's) don't want to learn shit....Why? because they know it all.


Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Years Resolution.........Mysterious Hoax

Wisdom cipher knowledge wisdom. Experiencing(2) persons, places and things(0) gives one the blueprint(1) to act(2) accordingly. This day is the 5th which is symbolic to Power in this month of Jan (Justice Allah Now). Justice for Allah in Now which is the truth(5). The Original Blackman is "NOT" above justice and the rewards and penalties one will occur for their actions. This is the power, the truth. It happens to all of us on this physical plane. Neglect the right decisions and bare witness to an adverse result that'll bite you in the ass for negligence. Some might opt to use Jan-1-2012 to make positive changes via a "New Year's Resolution." I cee the purpose and reasoning for such goal settings however I don't need to wait to the New Year to implement a new curriculum for myself. I cee that as "procrastination." The 11-40 ask," would you sit up @ home and wait for that mystery god to bring you food?" Empathically NOW CIPHER!!! which translate to me not waiting to execute on goals. The only thing that comes to a sleeper is a dream. Also the beginning of a new year can be seen as the 1-40 which speaks about renewing ones history. Again I'm not an advocate of "WAITING" to the new year however that's the said persons prerogative. Renewing one's history should be based on positive growth. The 2 most common "resolutions" I hear about is dieting and stop smoking. The 6-14 speaks about "why does the devil keep our people illiterate?" Part of the degree states,"he keeps them blind to themselves so he can master them." That's a nurses pin that has been implanted in your third to procrastinate until Jan-1st and beyond. Everyday a goal is set to be accomplished. So if I'm a start dieting on Jan-1st I'm a consume as many big mac's as humanly possible before my deadline? Or I'm a smoke as many cigarettes as I can before the first of the year. So on Dec-31 I just eat all kinds of fatty unhealthy food and smoke as many cigarettes and kush blunts that I can before midnight. Then to no surprise, on the 2nd of Jan, I'm smoking again, and back in line @ McDonald's ordering a super Big Mac meal. y? Because you wisdom(2) wasn't based on truth(5).You never truly started preparing to begin cutting back on your vices. You essentially "Ill-planned" to stop cold turkey. While there are some people with the said ability to do such, most are not qualified to stop cold turkey. And you ultimately end back @ McDonald's and smoking cigarettes. Patience and discipline is a yearly commitment that should be built upon regularly not just Jan-1.