Thursday, November 15, 2012

"Unjustifiable Piegon-hole"

Now I'm not one to fall victim to the bullshit via gossip. However every now and again one must make their position known. I've heard people pigeon hole a whole group of people into unfavorable categories incorrectly. Example: This God/Earth has had a issue here and there with another God/Earth "ISOLATED INCIDENTS" and they say," that "WHOLE CIPHER" isn't about shit." WTF!?! How do you mathematically add up the total sum from 1 or 2 people? Empathically Now cipher!!! In most cases, these ciphers have 50-70 people in the immediate area. So......issues with 1 or 2 people makes the cipher bullshit? Unproductive? Not building? Fuck that. All this shows and proves is the total lack of understanding on the said person talking outta their ass. I challenge anyone to show and prove that 1 or 2 people represents the whole cipher as a "complete" mindset. Now of course A-likes have liked minds born universal truth, that doesn't mean the bullshit you going through with a said person is the same bullshit that I'm going through with the same person. I consider that some emotionally charged nonsense. Remove the religious connotations and mystery bullshit and deal with the bottom line: All  the Gods and Earths you meet/engage in convo  ARE NOT GOING TO BE YO' ACE-COOM-BOOM!!! We "should've" stop searching for that which does not exist long ago. I deal within reality and my wisdom tells me that everybody isn't going to hold hands and sing "Kumbiya." So why would anybody think different? Because the romanticism of our culture says we're all suppose to be together as one family. This is indeed true. born universal truth, don't take it out of context. You have family members by blood that have real issues with each other.We can agree to disagree and build. Just because you prefer tofu and I prefer steak doesn't mean I can't nor won't build with you. I don't fuck with everybody @ my justice b.u.t I still get the job done engaging in constructive, respectable conversation as a professional. B.u.t to say everybody @ the justice is full of shit would be totally incorrect and display my lack of understanding and very little people skills. As we know in this Nation we show and prove our statements. So the next time you hear somebody talking this nonsense, tell them to show and prove on their square! Because that shit is totally bogus!