Tuesday, August 28, 2012


The "CRUSHING" power of justice. Justice is neutral. This entity (for a lack of a better term) is unbias. No grey parts, just black or white. No in betweens. RIGHT or WRONG!!! If you been following my blog, you'll know I'm a gang connoisseur/expert/professinal/maven etc. 20 years of experiance makes me (one of) the best knowers in this field. Striving to enlighten these youngster's about the perils of this lifestyle (culture) is the equivalent to hiking up Mt. Everest (29,141 ht), an uphill battle. These yougsters have no idea of the punishing blow that Justice will give them, unforegiving with "NO ROOM FOR ERROR!!!" Meaning, returning back to the essence of getting life in jail. Either way, you out the picture. Allah (The Original people) is compassionate and understanding. For this very reason, it's a very unfortunate situation when youngsters have to learn the hard way about rules and regulations. I see these youngsters out here in Love Allah and give away everything for something so minuscle. I understand the mentality, contradictory, counter-productive thought of being respected, getting recognition and getting money. Lives are being thrown away for a couple of hundred of dollars (if that much SMH). And once most of these youngster's get in the belly of the beast and that color-man is talking about life in jail, reality start sitting in like," WTF am I doing here?!?!" Life in jail becomes to much weight to bare. I can hear somebody saying," hey they choose to do what they did, now they have to pay the consequences." I concur. With a caviot. Most in the wilderness of North America (Original people) were set-up to fail. The foundation is set-up for us to lose or have a difficult time trying to win. No this isn't an excuse, this is actual fact. Albeit this doesn't excuse somebody of malicious crimes living like a savage. Exactly why our job (5% NGE) is to teach all the families on the planet Earth and save as many of these youngster's we can.


Sunday, August 26, 2012

I.s.l.a.m vs IGod (or is there a difference???)

Islam as I see it, as being one with the culture of the NGE's, is IGod. I self lord am master. I (am) God. Same thing. Whether I say IGod or Islam it is still the culture. It is difficult to "recondition" one self to internalize Islam as being a God-center culture of the true and living God making manifest "Peace!!!" However, if our paradigm is understood correctly by a said person, one would be able to show and prove Islam as a culture of Peace and not a religion. This isn't a build to deviate on the relevance of Islam as a religion, culture blah, blah, blah. This is a build to stand perpendicular on my square on "HOW I SEE ISLAM." Nowadays, I see and hear the culture referred too as "IGod" in most cases. I hear Elders referred to the culture as Islam (a few Earth's too). Do we as a culture shy away from "Islam???" As in preferring "IGod" instead of "Islam?" Answer may vary depending on who you ask, I know. I really see it as growth, progression. Islam to IGod. IGod does exclusively belong to the NGE's. B.u.t why all the "meaningless, non-productive jargon about which one is better?" USE WHAT'S GOOD FOR YOU!!! Stop the childish games of tomatoe and to"ma"toe. Same shit. This shows dissention amongst the fold. For something so small in the grand scheme of things. Of course this is my see on the said subject which is subjective to each person as an individual.  Our Islam (NGE) is "NOT" religious. It's our culture, our way of life.Not to be limited by so-called religions with their limiting titles. Our Islam has no begining and no ending. It has been here before Prophet Muhammah (PBUH) and obviously will be here trillions of years after him. NO LIMIT!!! This my concise 8 on the subject. Do what you do with it. Peace


Monday, August 6, 2012

6 Sextillion tons on my back!!!

Stress......Stress is a .....muthaf&*%$!!! First of all I see stress as a mental challenge. Albeit, variables could very well be taking place that is of extreme importance however, I still consider this a mental burden for a lack of a better term. Family issues, finanical issues, all fall under the umbella of how we mentally internalize the said subject  which will determine the levels of stress (if there is any) we incur. One of my mantra's is," if it isn't death or jail the subject can be worked out i.e fixed or settled."  Kind of a survialist attitude b.u.t this cipher where I'm at (South Central Los Angeles CA) it works good on this poor part of the planet Earth. When we "feel" over whelmed, stress rolls in like high tide. I'm definitely an advocate of dealing with what is and solving issues from a practical stand point. Ex: if your in jail, don't worry about how you got there so to speak, b.u.t contemplate on how your going to get out i.e beat the case. That's what I consider practical thinking. Stress is a vaild and definite hinderance to somebodies health. Mental and phyiscal. Stress is a devil I strive to get off my planet (mind). Some situations are unavoidable and will have to be dealt with in a less then advantageous space. Suggested solutions: 1.Identify the cause of the stress. 2.At that point is there anything you can do to relieve the stress? 3. Deal with what it is and not what you feel/think. The results may hurt, b.u.t it'll only hurt for a minute.