Thursday, July 11, 2013

"Jay Z wearing the Universal Flag of the Nation of Gods and Earths"

First let me say the magnetic pull of the NGE's is powerful!!! This is shown and proved (again) by the influence on the people such as Jay Z and Camelo to name a few in recent time. The Camelo news of wearing the Universal flag seemed to die down a bit b.u.t now Jay Z is seen (Hot 97 interview) wearing the immaculate Universal flag as well. And the rumor mill is churning out  enough opinions and gossip to rival a reality show. With that being said let me add on with a more analytical perspective to assess the variables here. What's the science behind him (Jay Z) donning the Universal flag? I've heard him say some time ago during an interview that he is not religious and does not fall under no religious titles i.e Christian, Muslim Catholic etc. However he does believe in a higher power/God. This is the man's words. We know Jay is familiar with the NEG's for several reasons. 1. He grew up in NY/Brooklyn. 2. He was in the streets at a time when the Gods were prevalent throughout NY.  3. HipHop was (is) heavily influenced by the NGE's. 4. Rakim Allah (enough said). Jay likes to drive in his own lane so to speak. Right now the thought of the NGE's in HipHop is small if any to the newer generation. Reminds me of the time a while ago when he rocked the Che Guevara t-shirt on MTV during his live performance. Questions arose about his intent with that and he said he supported the "go against the grain" mantra. Highlight "SUPPORT." That doesn't mean he is a guerrilla fighting in some third world country trying to over throw capitalism. Now cipher. I see it as he supports the underdog, directionally going against the machine. Definitely debatable as he is seen now in some ciphers as being apart of the same machine Che was (would) fight against. B.u.t that's another build. So is he supporting the NGE's ideology?..... On his new album (Magna Carta Holy Grail) song entitled "Heaven" his beginning verse is," Arm, leg, leg, arm, head this is Godbody, knowledge, wisdom, understanding...... This is the mathematical language of the NGE's........Now does this mean Jay is under the tutelage of the NGE's?
Empathically Now cipher!! At the end of the day this dude is a what? Entertainer! Shit, just don't be surprised if  he has a cross on next month. LOL. Utilizing bits and pieces of different schools of thought that he finds interesting and useful especially as it pertains to his music. Giving it another feel, that the masses are not accustom too. Diversifying his portfolio so to speak. This dam sure doesn't make it right nor does this give him a green light to do such a thing, like wearing the Universal flag to promote his agenda, whatever that may be. We (NGE's) are extremely concerned with anybody wearing our flag for 2 major reasons: 1. Misrepresentation 2. It has to be earned!!! Which is of utmost importance in keeping our lessons/teaching/culture pure. On another note Jay could very well be on some puppeteer type shit. Like creating a good, bad or indifferent dialogue amongst the masses. Via, Beyonce, they daughter, Samsung, Sports Agent, Magna Carta, Illuminati, Universal flag etc...... All of this is dialogue for him. Keeping the spotlight on him....selling albums amongst other things. TMZ is reported (I need to verify) that the Universal flag Jay is wearing is really an Illuminati sign. What bullshit! This is why our (NGE's) culture has to be maintained by who? By the GODS and the EARTHS!!! This is the science of misrepresentation. And TMZ, whether right or wrong has a big influence (that will be taken on face value by the 85%) over the masses. And the tedious job of bringing true understanding to the masses about our Universal flag is left up to the NGE's. Cleaning up some shit TMZ has spewed outta their misrepresenting, unfounded, unsupported data asses!!! To be clear, Jay Z (and TMZ for that matter) has absolutely no influence or say-so  whatsoever over the true and living Gods and Earths. Maybe he'll come out and make 1 9 about his intent......Until then say tune....


Thursday, July 4, 2013

Justice U Lie Why? Culture 15,099.

July 4th is a celebratory day in recognition of the USA's independence from England. The jewel is "from England." They (forefathers of the USA) are colored people. Where were the Original people? Slaves!!! Or getting treated like some savage animal human servant for the colored man. So on a top level, what did the outcome of the war have to do with the Original people? We were (still are) getting the shit end before the war and we're still getting the shit end after the war. Justice U (the powers that be) Lie to the people, why? To control the masses way of life (culture). So why celebrate the freedom of your oppressor? They (oppressor) didn't ease up on the Original people. Injustice, inequality, and pure irrational savagery was imposed on Original people. This is actual fact! So why are Original people celebrating this "fugazie" Holiday? Rebuttal #1: My parents and my whole family celebrate the 4th. #2: Shit we are Americans, it was America's independence dah! 3#: I do it to get turnt up! Fuck it!.... Unconscious/conscious cope out. This is the "slave mentality" still prevalent in the subconscious of Original people. I don't have(love) the oppressor. Nor will I support,adhere or act like I don't know/care about the history of the colored man. I am a proponent of social equality, family get-togethers etc. Even at the expense of one of these fake-ass holidays I emphatically do not support. However God is Lord of all the worlds! I understand that be, traveling in all ciphers right and exact, perpendicular on the square showing and proving the blackman is the true and living God! Now that we knowledge where I stand (on the square) Peace!!!

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