Thursday, October 25, 2012

"The only easy day was yesterday...."

Nobody said being the true and living God/Earth was going to be easy. The total weight (6 sextillion tons) of keeping yo word bond is challenging at times. This is actual fact. Any responsible adult reading this can bare witness to my testimony. Just operating with your "higher self" (Allah's World Manifest) can be a constant jousting match just engaging the 85%er's in basic activities. Work, school, gym, restaurants etc. My experience is hood destroy powers be on some bullshit on occasions and if you fall victim, you can end up operating with your lower self (animalistic/destroy power) you/I can be in an unfavorable situation by being knocked off our square. My culture is I-God and my word is my bond I walk, talk I am a God. Not egotistical just being a grown responsible man with children, job, bills and adult responsibilities. And once you operate in that "light" people slowly began to depend on you for anything from money to just being that strong voice of reason or the strong shoulder to lean on. Which is peace! Our duty to teach is done several ways. This being one. Once your life is dealt with "living Mathematics" it all makes sense. The reasons become known. The problems are solved. The imperfection is the beautiful perfection. You know the math is right and exact when you see so many mentally dead(85%) and the ones getting over(10%) and only a few are in the know willing to teach(5%). The easy thing to do would be to say," fuck'it!" And be irresponsible a sometimy ass niga. Now cipher! Stay the course. Each hurdle I successfully jump, the wisdom may have been tough b.u.t the understanding was sweet and appreciated. It's not easy....and whoever said it would be?

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