Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Incessant Struggle

The struggle continues...... This statement is true in all situations/scenarios. Struggle: to contend; strive,
strong effort; conflict. This definition defines life. Do the knowledge to Kobe Byrant. To stay @ optimum basketball level he must continue to practice, look @ game footage etc. This is to strive; contend. Ebb n flow, ups n downs, highs n lows. Real life. When the struggle is over u cease to exist n the physical. Any a homeless person struggles. Where is that next meal coming from? Where is that warm place/spot to sleep tonight? These are daily struggles n a homeless capacity. Working, that 9 to 5, is a daily struggle. School also. The will to want to live, succeed n be prosperous all validates the struggle. Next year, next 20 years, next generations will continue to struggle. It's life n regardless to whom or what, once a child is conceived in the womb, even when a said person was one of those 1,000 sperm cells "STRIVING" to contact with their mother's egg, the struggle had already begun. Peace,
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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Thoughts of Original Unity

First off, let me say,"I'm not a pessimist." I been hearing the incessant chatter about original people coming together and building and blah,blah,blah. Let's analyze this from a logical, reality base view. Let's get one thing clear, Nigas have never been together as a whole in recorded history, let alone all original people (Latin,Asian,etc) across the globe. Religion alone will keep 85% separated from each other. We have dissension amongst ourselves in small ciphers. Meaning our own shit isn't together some how are we going to look at a bigger picture of unity? That's the same as USA helping other countries with starvation and homelessness when the USA it's self has the same problem here. How does that work? Before I can help clean your yard I have to clean my yard first. 5%, 10% and 85% are relative numbers however they do give you approximates. Like I would say, 5% of the original people will unify regardless of religion, race or creed. They'll come together for one common cause. 10% would give the appearance of unity while the whole time having an ulterior motive for some type of political, monetary gain. And 85% are going to stick with their kind, Latin, Asian, christian, catholic etc. Wishful thinking is one thing and reality is another. Only a fool would believe every original person is their brother or sister. Do the knowledge. Peace

Monday, August 15, 2011

Anti-Nagging& Bitch'in

I'm not one to nick pick about what a said God or Earth is doing. If they're adding on to the cipher and making manifest the 18 degree, Peace. If they're adding on in the comfort/privacy of their rest, peace. If I don't know u or haven't seen u in years, months and days, shit that's peace too. Reality being I don't know what a said person has been doing. I deal with peace and that's my peace, what I'm in control of. Worrying about what another muthafuca do, doing or does is not my concern. Remember we're (in most cases) grown adults. If your foul n off yo square, yes I'll make knowledge born as your brother n partner n tribulations to correct or get yo attention about the fault I bare witness too. However nagging n making a scene like some squat pissing ass niga is not me! I'm the God of Infinite God Allah's cipher/square/universe/kingdom. If somebody isn't living out the culture of IGOD, their bad. Peace
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