Friday, May 17, 2013

Workout Motivation "CT FLETCHER"

If your new to my blog and are unfamilar with one of my favorite hobbies, it's working out. Weights, body weight, plyometrics, etc. I love that shit!!! Anyway, I'm always on youtube looking to diversify my workouts, basically switch my routines up to shock the muscles and stay from getting bored. The other day I came cross a brother, an older gentelman  6 time powerlifting champion with a wealth of knowledge in the weightlifting arena, charismatic, 100% real and funny ass hell!!! His one-liners are the type of sentences you place on t-shirts (and some of them are) I won't attempt to go into detail about the brother his has enough youtube clips for that, I'll post one. I'll leave you with one of his lines that's my favorite. In the words of "CT Fletcher": "I don't care if your tired, if your stomach ache, the kids crying,  if it's that time of the month,......IT'S STILL YO' MUTHAFUCK'IN SET!!! LOL!!!!!!!


Thursday, May 16, 2013

"A Proletarians Window View"

There's duality in everything right? There's thinkers then you have "critical" thinkers. I prefer the latter. Critically "observing" (1) ones surrounding quite a few ciphers will stand out however for this particular build I'll focus on what I call "A Proletarians Window View." There's a diameter (which I'll use a street as the allegorical diameter) between the people who have (finances) and the have-nots. A street call La Cienega is the diameter. Going east from La Cienega is the have-nots and going west from La Cienega is the people who have. Poverty levels in the US is approximately 20k-25k or less yearly income, thus the "have-nots." And the people who "have" yearly income is anywhere from 40k and up. Basically doubling the have-nots yearly income. This disparity is disheartening and also a vivid picture of the "inequality" in the wilderness of North America. I see the have-nots driving "buckets" "old-ass clunkers." The people who have are driving Mercedes, big F150's etc.  And no, I'm not talking about people involved in criminal activities. I'm speaking about the average Joe (or John for that matter) going to work making 55k a year. Now don't misconstrue what I'm saying as if I have blinders on saying Original people are right and exact. Now cipher! The slave mentality is dormant, incubating and rearing it's ugly head incessantly, oblivious to the average "niga." That's another whole build........Back to the topic at hand....The cards are stacked against us. PERIOD! BOTTOMLINE!! Go 5 minutes in either direction, west or east from La Cienega and shit changes drastically. The infrastructure of this country is fashioned in such away the poor will continue to be poor and the rich will continue to be rich. Generational type shit. Company owners passing down their company (financial wealth) to their next generation while the poor folks are passing down drugs and gangs to their (our) next generation.....SMH.....Yes we have a vested interest and a responsibility to the next generation to provide some form of guidance to avoid these proverbial potholes. However the fight/struggle is against a 500 year old devilish muthafuca. One of the answers is to restructure our thought process.... Get out of the habit of being reactionary and get into the habit of being proactive! Again this is "A Proletarians Window View"....................