Tuesday, July 24, 2012

"The Science of Self (book review)"

I just finished reading my copy of the "Science of  Self." I had the pleaseure of picking up the Science of Self  from this years show and prove held in Mecca (NYC). First I'd like to say the buzz around this book has been the biggest (to me anyway) in recent releases from SDP (Supreme Design Publishing). Which gave it a nice anticipation factor. I've been purchasing books from SDP for years now. Titles include: "How to Hustle and Win Vol I & II" "Hood Health Book Vol I & II" "The Knowledge of Self" and  "365 Days of Real Black History"  2012 calender (that I got from the S&P 2012 also). Now on to my review, the SOS is exactly that the sciecne of (your)self. There's a whole plethora of information as it pertains to the universe, Earth, man and woman. Their books (SDP) I've read all have a sense of humor with a level of intelligence that shows and proves their due diligence about professionalism and providing the masses with update data that is "ABSOLUTELY" pertinent to all the human families especially the Original family.  Alot of this text (if not all) is material me and a student (going thru 120 degrees) would go thru via the library or internet (google/bing). Albeit, you don't have to be going thru 120 or apart of this Nation (5% NGE) to get the jewels out of this brilliant text. Again this information is for all who wants to know more. Getting into the SOS. If you haven't scratched the surface on the origin of the universe, how the Earth was form or when, evolution etc, this work could be a little over your head. You have to have some scientist gene in you that ask questions. And not settle for "God/Jesus created everything" can't explain it just know it's here. Now cipher!!!  Also there's references on what to read and an appendix full of viable information as well. The Gods definitely did an excellent job on this project. Click here to get your copy: http://supremedesignonline.com/2012/ This is a most add to your personal library. With that said, get your copy and support a project that is righteous, benefical and will bless future generations to come. Peace


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Farrakhan and the FOI hit the streets......

The Honorable Louis Farrakhan made kowledge born about hitting the streets with the FOI (Fruit of Islam) to show an united front, support, and down right disapproval of the senseless violence perpetrated throughout the ghetto's of North America (in particular, Chicago/C-Medina.)http://www.finalcall.com/artman/publish/National_News_2/article_9019.shtml 135 cities to be exact. Yesterday they (FOI) hit the streets running! I'll admit I didn't hear the Minister speak upon the event nor what it entails and for how long or was this a one shot deal? B.u.t I know the preception was profound. For the average Joe/Jane to see civilized, well groomed, well dressed, well disciplined men walking thru their neighborhood building with men, women and children to shine light on the knowledge of self and unity amongst other valuable topics as well had to leave a positive impression. In the grand scheme of things will this make a difference? Right now, this very moment, I would yes on a minute level. No negative connotations, just my fair, reality driven assessment. Out of hundreds of people yesterday who was involved in some capacity, observing, walking, or whatever, somebody will become better, spread the word, make a change and grow. So in this capacity, it was not in vain. However on the larger scale? This didn't scratch the surface. B.U.T THIS IS AN EXCELLENT DISPLAY OF TALKING THE TALK AND WALKING THE WALK, knowledge and wisdom being manifest. The answer to solving this genocidal problem has yet to be discovered. Just this past 4th of July a young teenage girl was returned back to the essecne out here in Love Allah and she was a friend of my daugther's. (SMH) http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/lanow/2012/07/two-cousins-die-in-july-4-shooting-in-south-los-angeles.html This story is so prevalent, redundant and depressing that it's clear to see why the 85%er's have no hope and live for the moment with no regard about the next day. As adults our knowledge and wisdom must manifest maturity, focus, discipline and striving for love, peace and happiness. Without true examples what light do the youth reflect? Leave it up to entertainers? EMPHATICALLY NOW CIPHER!!! There's nothing wrong with entertainer's being role models b.u.t that shouldn't be the only avenue when the youth rarly get any interaction with these people. With the FIO hitting streets I see that as saying we (adults) have to do more then just talk. Nor is it up to the NOI to solely carry the load. Whether you agree or not, we all (adults) have a responsibility as well.


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

13 year old Chess Master.......

We as Original people are excellent @ a plethora of ciphers. Alot of ciphers we are proficient in b.u.t get lil to no recognition. Chess being one of those ciphers...Do the one.....And the young God name is Justice....Mathematics are always right and exact.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Disgruntled color people continue the ignorance.....

As we know (or should know) racism is very much prevalent just in more clandestine ways. Every now and then it's overtly manifested however I see it being done incognito.Any football fans? Not NFL, soccer! Now I'm no big soccer enthusiast I'm doing the one @ this point. Anyway, last week or so the EURO2012 was being played and Italy was making their run to the championship of this particular EURO2012. The stand out player was Mario Balotelli. An Original man (black) of Ghana (well his biological parents were). He was raised in Italy. Mario shined @ pivotal moments during the EURO2012 run and was racially badgered by fans and Italian media via the newspaper.http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/euro2012/article-2157538/Euro-2012-Mario-Balotelli-suffers-racist-abuse.html. And just this past weekend Serena Williams shined bright by winning another Wimbledon. B.u.t again the colored man showed his true natue and attempted to label her sheer dominance "savage." http://www.popularcritic.com/2012/07/08/serena-williams-faces-racist-comments-after-wimbledon-win/. I'm not a big advocate of yelling, "this is racist and that is racist." Not me. However, subtle inunedos are there. These two sports (soccer and tennis) are still viewed as European sports (non-original). Once Original people start dominating these respective sports the truth peeks it's ugly head. Now I'm not saying Original people are dominating these sports b.u.t we are a force to be reckon with and acknowledged.
The signs are all here to see things for what they really are. To excel in a color man's arena (for lack of a better term) the defamation will come in some form. To undermind the accomplishments of the Original Man. This is nothing new. History shows us that the color man purposely hid/destroyed  major contributions that the Original Man has made to society and the world at large.
So at this age of media (in all forms) there's no hiding the accomplishments b.u.t these ignorant muth@$#%'s can still talk shit (smh).


Thursday, July 5, 2012

Is being "aware" the same as being "conscious?" Let me elucidate.... On a general level, yes the rebuttal could very well be that consciousness and awareness is the same thing. B.u.t you know we (NGE's) are into breaking down atoms to revel the hidden jewel inside. With that said, I see being aware as in acknowledging words and actions but not internalizing it for a higher conscious decision for optimum results. Being aware is like you know fire burns b.u.t being conscious of the fire is knowing the "ramifications" of the burn. A deeper understanding, a step by step process on how a particular cipher was born. So I see a difference when being aware and being conscious. Another example will be someone who is a burglar. They're "aware" its a very realistic possibility they might end up in jail for devilishment exploits. B.u.t being "conscious" of going to jail and all it entails (home sick, no freedom to move about, riots, degrading mentally/physically etc) is another story. Being "conscious" of the consequences will either deter you or @ the minimal help one except the responsibility of their actions. How you see it?