Sunday, February 12, 2012

Here we go again(smh)......

Actual fact: yesterday night (which was technically 2 1/2 hours ago) it was a teenage club night @ a lil hall type place. Hours were from 8:30pm to 2am. Do the knowledge to "TEENage" club night, meaning 14,15,16,17 year olds. Now we're in South Central Los Angeles notorious for gang activity with high emphasis on the gang active teenagers. (In retrospect, recipe for destruction) All hell broke loose around midnight. Arguing lead to fist fighting which ultimately lead to gunshots! 2 hit! Teenage girl one shot in leg (stable) and one young man, shot in the neck (critical) @ the hospital fighting for his life. I won't build on specifics, just know this was gang related. Allah(me) is a compassionate God. The culture of destroy power is exactly that "DESTROYING POWER!" Annihilating truth, eradicating potential and perpetuating confusion and chaos. To the youth, the babies the next generation. This epidemic is prevalent across the wilderness of North America and beyond to regions I have no knowledge of. Genocide or ignorance the results are the same, heartache and death. This history, the gang culture from the early 80's when gang violence sky rocketed, continues to repeat itself. Renewing it's weak and wicked history religiously. The energy to collectively make a change in this day and time is so sporadic due to the closeness of a tragic event. Typically, we see tragedies on the news/newspapers daily. This actually numbs us to the violence at large and this doesn't effect us on a personal level. However, "IF" this tragedy is us our family member, we find the energy to want to make a change. Putting that knowledge into action(wisdom). I'm also guilty of this. Now I know better, I do better. We tend to want to fix shit once it's already broke and upon us. This is indicative of poor planning. This is high risk, life of death. Yes, it's to that extreme. This tragedy happens daily. The builders must builder to save as many as we can. There's consequences for the 5%er's who doesn't perform their duty! (19-40) they shall be beaten with many stripes. Until you see that unfortunate individual laying on the ground returning to essence, it's difficult to feel the reality of that moment. B.u.t that very moment brings that clarity to one on how real and serious these streets really are. Life aint shit to fuc' with!

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Just was doing the knowledge to a sister affectionately name "Vanity Wonder" with a massive derriere on her 4'11 frame. She admittingly received "butt shots" and has wrote a book on the said subject. Not being able to build with her in the physical to get a true/better understanding of her reasoning, I'll add on in a general consensus. Chemically or surgically modifying one's appearance for non-medical reasons speak to insecurities. Albeit on a conscious or subconscious level. The need to look appealing according to the standards of entertainment is @ an all time high. Risky and potentially dangerous yet and still some take the gamble. Now of course we all gamble to some extent in our own way that may not be acceptable so I'm not suggesting we're holy. I'm pointing to the mental factor. The example for the next generation. 120 teaches that one can become "other then their own self." Modifying one's physical appearance is being other then your own self. In the case of Vanity Wonder I say the butt enhancement was a monetary decision. She's a model and a pretty smile with a big booty goes along way in this age of small waist lines and round asses i.e Kim K and J-Lo. So her determined idea to get known/publicity has been successful to some degree. However falling victim to what other's want you to be or what other's consider "beauty" doesn't show allot of self love i.e knowledge of self. We relinquish our power when we exist according to other people wants and wishes. Slave mentality revisited. Yea, yea this is highly debatable i know b.u.t when one puts health @ risk for an appearance the question must be asked. The repeated adage of not loving thy self rings loud and clear in these scenarios. I'm sure Vanity Wonder has made some good money after the enhancement however, I'll challenge that by saying @ what cost? Does she have kids? (IDK) Is she a role model? Maybe. What is the message here? Go all out for the money? Sale your soul for money? Or fuck what everybody think and just do you? The "just do you" mantra is a cliff that should be traversed very carefully. "Just do you" in the wrong context entails uncivilized and savagery in one's ways and actions. Not to say this sister is savage, just the IDGF attitude is rarely a good thing. In closing to each they own, this shows and proves the mental destruction that was bestowed upon us (original people) many years ago and continues to happen today on a conscious and subconscious level.


Saturday, February 4, 2012

Emotional Unrest

Emotions are like a catch 22 when not under some form of control however minute it maybe. It is very easy to write about or talk about having your/my emotions in check b.u.t, in the middle of an actual situation that elicits emotions, how will I/you fair? This isn't a build on mastering emotions. This is a build about "NOT BEING A SLAVE TO EMOTIONS." Utilizing emotions in a positive light is a positive use of "emotional energy." Negative use, impetuously reacting to a situation that leaves one in a precarious situation is counter-productive. I won't advocate "trying" to get rid of emotions b.u.t instead utilize them to maxium effect. Unrest emotions are detrimental when reaction is rudiment oppose to being pro-active. Focus that energy for preferred results.