Thursday, November 24, 2011

Giving Thanks?

Peace, today (24th of Nov) is celebrated in the wilderness of North America as the holiday of "Thanksgiving." The actual foundation of this so-called holiday is based on Yakub's tricknology. Thanksgiving has a vicious Koran of death, carnage and a festive celebration. Original people tend to take the best part (giving thanks) for themselves. Which is peace in the grand scheme of things. Its challenging for the conscious community at large to accept Thanksgiving in lew of the so-called holiday's origin. The masses (original people) who are the blind,deaf and dumb are the ones who celebrate Thanksgiving and are the same ones who need to be awaken the most. Counter-intuitive? Yes. However this is the challenge set in front of the person(s) with the said ability to "mentally" emancipated the masses. Do we all have something to be thankful for? Hell yea! The same energy put into this one day that is "predicated by the 10%" should be exemplified daily. This knowledge is known just isn't exercised until the predetermined day (smh). Peace,
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