Monday, March 26, 2012

"Are you a Leader or Follower??"

There's a fine line between being a leader and follower. We, sometimes have our vision/direction obfuscated by "emotions/pride" on whether we're a leader or follower. Being a follower is looked upon in most scenarios as a peon, incapable of leading and just not qualified. Of course after being fed the wrong foods, we all want to run before we crawl. Which is putting the wisdom before the knowledge. Being a "real" leader entails huge responsibility and making tough decisions that everybody isn't cut out to make. Doing the knowledge first on what it is to be a follower and "LEARN" as you grow, prepares one for the tough decisions. Ex: Kobe Bryant wasn't a leader we he first hit the NBA. As far as I'm concerned he really didn't hit the leadership qualities until the last 4 or 5 years. Of course Kobe's is an unique situation however, he followed the rules and regulations of the league/team and now exerts himself as a bonafide leader. His talent was obvious b.u.t being a leader is something he had to grow into. Very few people will admit to being a follower b.u.t we all follow to some degree. We follow a plan right? We follow a curriculum right? We all have positions to play. Until we exert ourselves for a "promotion" showing and proving that we are ready for added responsibility, whatever position we play, we should maintain it until we're ready for the next challenge. And being honest with self, you/we should know when we're ready. Every leader isn't a leader. A title or position doesn't qualify one as a leader. Experience and a proven track record does.


Friday, March 23, 2012

Thursday, March 22, 2012

In "REAL" life.......

On a grand level, when I contemplate culture, I think of life in general. Not just my own life in a vacuum b.u.t the cipher of life in it's totality. Hot days, cold days, sunrises, sunsets, applying for jobs, losing jobs, fuc'in with this person and not that person etc. Life we all can relate too regardless of race gender and all that other bullshit. How much control do we have over our life? I say, to the ones with knowledge of self or conscious (and I don't mean black consciousness) any consciousness as far as health and "SA" (Situational Awareness) we have approximately 90-95% control over our lives. This is an individual who establishes a plan and strives to live out that plan to the best of their ability. Health conscious, regular doctor visits, dentist visits, 401k plan, life insurance, investments, self employed, home owner, owner of their own business. This is indicative of a person with a "prior" plan that has executed the plan laid down from the start. Life to death, from knowledge to born and everything in between. Wisdom, understanding, culture, power, equality, God and build/destroy. There is no road map to navigate thru life. Yea, one can pose the argument that the bible, qur'an or 120 is a road map for life b.u.t that is in theory. In "REAL" life all you have is your judgement, wits and hopefully a plan even if one chooses to use other vehicles (bible, qu'ran or 120) as a road map.


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Myopic Consciousness @ home and abroad

Some basic tenets of the 5%(NGE's) is knowledge,wisdom and understanding. Look,listen,observe. Put thought into motion/action. Then reap the benefits, good or bad. This is pretty simple on all levels and arguably normal logic. Now what about the tunnel vision individuals? The one's who only c there point of view with little to no room for other considerations. You know the old cliche,There's more then one way to skin a cat. I c that as saying there could be (in certain scenarios) multiple "understandings" that are valid. However, there is only one truth!!! When one is "STUBBORN" and refuses to internalize other views, that is religious and/or religion!!! Assimilate, adapt, grow.....CHANGE. Restrictions on growth and development is a fuc'in handicap. Glass ceilings? Nigas with low self-esteem? I contribute this form of "stagnate cancer" to the lack of knowledge, the type of growing broad base knowledge. Yes, one can know the Original blackman is God b.u.t if that's your final answer you are "VERY" limited my brother/sister. To combat tunnel vision is to be conscious on a supreme level. To acknowledge your own limitations and go beyond your comfort zone and stop being bull-headed about other schools of thought/knowledge. Taking the best part for self and getting rid of the rest. I'm a firm advocate of "EVERYTHING" has a valuable lesson (however minute) it just has be seen and acknowledged.