Thursday, February 28, 2013


Motivation: to provide with an incentive; move to action; impel. Motivation is the mental magnetic that draws one to whatever their cipher (person, place or thing) maybe. Knowledge this, using your own self (thoughts/memory) to validate my build. From my own experiences most people I build with know very little (if anything) about investing, stocks and bonds. We know there "maybe" some financial rewards for investing b.u.t we know so little about this cipher. There's a plethora of reasons why folks don't invest. For the sake of time, I'll choose a reason I think we don't. That's a science we know nothing about. Bottom line. And before I invest my gold I have to have some idea, matter of fact, a good idea of the hell is going on. In this scenario, money is the motivation. B.U.T!!! The return "seems" (and I stress "seems") to be to far down the line for me "TO BE MOTIVATED TO LEARN MORE ABOUT INVESTING!!!" Key word, Motivated. Without that, we just won't do it. Or we'll just fiddle around with something, procrastinating and never complete, finish or do it correctly for lack of focusness  because we/I do not have a vested interest in doing it. Gucci shoes, wallet, purse. BMW. College degree. Home owner. Owning one's own business. Without the motivation, none of this will come to fruition. We all can do the knowledge to self and see where the lack of motivation end up in noncompletion, whatever that might've been. Also how being motivated propelled us to completing a task regardless of the size.


Friday, February 22, 2013

"Islamic Terms"

We (NGE's) are generally known for utilizing "Islamic terms" in our culture. However we're steadfast on proclaiming ,"We are not Muslim's." And we don't advocate Islam in a religious sense. Nowadays, I rarely hear Islam in any cipher I attend. The naysayers will say,"we're an offshoot of Islam, we're committing shirk" and other unfavorable comments that shows an extreme lack of understanding on their part. Yes we utilize what would be considered as Islamic terms on occasions. Ex: referring to the root (Harlem NY) as Mecca. Also saying our past experiences (history) as our "Koran." Understand this, there is no limit to what a God/Earth can build on or what school of thought can be utilized to manifest the true and living. Meaning, I'll use a Christian reference, a Buddhist reference, an Algebraic reference, Khemit reference......there is no limit, all schools of thought are at my disposal. Father Allah came in to the realization that the Original Man is God....All of us!!! Through the teaches of Master Fard and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. This is where the Islamic terms come from b.u.t we've transcended the pigeon-hole of just being Islamic so to speak. Knowledge is the tool, wisdom is the arsenal and understanding is the outcome. Knowledge this, Original people walk around with European names, does this make them European? No answer required, it's self-explanatory. In an effort to defame the almighty "Nation of Gods and Earths" some will search for that, that does not exist. Peons who are not apart of this Nation can not and will not be the spoke-persons for us!!! Nigas on the outside, trying to tell me what this Nation is. Asinine!!!


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Knowledge of Self Radio!!!

Peace to the Gods, Jerule Allah, Jakil Allah and Ture Allah for the work these borthers are putting in with the radio show "Knowledge of Self." Tune in this coming Sunday (2/23) @ 2pm @ RMCONAIR.COM.