Friday, June 24, 2011

To Perfect or Not to Perfect

What is perfection? Is there a state of being perfect? Perfect: without flaws; excellent. Perfection is a proverbial pipe dream. Nothing operates without flaws, however minute. In the food and medical supply industry most companies are under a standard title "6 Sigma." Which has a 99.8% perfection rate as it relates to inventory, product defects etc. That small % that equals that .2% shows and proves flaws and mistakes will be made. Now let's bring it into real people life scenarios. Our percentage dam sure isn't that good in whatever we do. Life is full of unexpectancies that are apart of life. We plan ahead to alleviate surprises that maybe unfavorable for us. B.u.t a guarantee is not realistic. We strive and build for "predictable outcomes/result." So perfection can be something to strive for however you'll be chase something nonexistent a ghost or what we like to call it within the Nation, chasing a mystery God! Peace
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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Networking 101

Yesterday, May 30th was African Liberation Day. I attended a function in Love Allah (Los Angeles CA) hosted by the Us-Organization with a key figure in attendance of Dr. Maulana Karenga amongst others. This was my first time attending this particular function and of course I was doing the knowledge, looking, listening an observing. It was very Afrocentric with a lot of Swahili dialect in the atmosphere. The overall message was a prevalent message heard religiously throughout the conscious community; unity, political knowledge, circulate the black $ and the knowledge of self to name a few topics. In this type of forum the message is to unify regardless of ideologies. Different organizations or groups coming together for one common cause. Albeit, I would've personally incorporate our brown and yellow brothers and sisters however I was an attendee and participated accordingly. This was excellent event that reinforced the emphasis of unity across the board. Also a good way to network to utilize resources with like-minded people. I will continue down this path with a determine idea to add on to the community and the youth with a IGod mind set showing and proving the true and living God. Peace.
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