Saturday, September 28, 2013

The First 48 hrs....

I was doing the knowledge to an episode of the first 48.... Reality show about murders committed and police (detectives) attempting to solve the case within 48 hrs. Typically the suspects are young original males (teenage/adults), on some occasions color people are suspects as well. This particular episode I'm building on was a high school football star with dozens of division one college offers, being the driver in a drive by shooting leaving one dead. He admitted his involvement. He was not "fully" aware of the implications in this ghetto-warfare. His college career, over! His freedom, over. He received 20 years to life. This scenario is prevalent throughout ghettos in the wilderness of North America. To "KNOW" why? And what one is doing is rudimentary. Understanding the suicidal/kamikaze mind set of "fuck it" reactionary methodology, and utilizing a more conducive mind set. Self knowledge is an important, if not the most important aspect of being resurrected from a mental death. This self worth (knowledge) will put into perspective the impulsive reaction to violence. Understanding the Willie-Lynch-esque of black on black crime/violence should bring some self, awareness of how unimportant and senseless most black on black crimes are. Also how unnecessary it is in most cases.

Infinite GodAllah
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