Thursday, April 11, 2013

Allah said....

I have an insatiable appetite for knowledge. Reading, learning is a true pleasure for me. However, I only retain (strive too) viable information that I find able to utilize in some form or fashion. The world renown "fictional" detective, Sherlock Holmes refers to his mind/brain as his brain attic and only beneficial information gets stored in such a sacred place, the mind. My determined idea is to use my most vital resource (mind) and consciously live out mathematics in the tangible sense. I'm a proponent of growth and development which includes one generation building and adding on to what the last generation made manifest. Essentially, getting better with true I master equality. One saying I hear through out the culture is Allah said," if you don't change (grow), you die." That's mathematics! If knowledge doesn't add on (1+1) you won't have wisdom. And if knowledge and wisdom don't add get no understanding. You have to grow!!! As a Nation, in knowledge, wisdom and understanding. There's a japanese word called "kaizen" which means consistent improvement. Kaizen is a life long journey in the life of the true and living. Who's word is made bond to live out the knowledge build degree (1-40). The art of teaching never falters. It's the unqualified teacher who is unprepared to bare the weighed responsibility of teaching. This job is a lot of ciphers b.u.t easy is not one of them. The mathematical reality of the 5 percent is absolutely right and exact. Teaching isn't for everybody to do. Only the qualify 5 percent (NGE's).
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