Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Glorious NGE's

This "Knowledge of Self" by way of the "Nation of Gods and Earths" i.e "Allah's 5% Nation" is truly glorious. To say I'm utilizing descriptive words of decor to magnify the grandiose importance of the Nation would be a very incorrect assessment. My understanding of this Nation is mathematical theology which gives it infinite avenues to conclude the true and living God is the Original Black man. All the while unrestricted by such shallowness as religion. This Nation isn't a vacuum as in limiting or alienating self from other schools of thought (as I've stated before in previous builds). Enlightenment borns it self in a myriad of ways such as different schools of thought. Many of people have found enlightenment thru Moorish Science, Sufism, Buddhism, Occult etc. Which is peace. The methodology utilized by the NGE's is my preferred route which works for me. Knowledge of "my"self. Others have attempted this path to no avail. Let's be clear, this isn't a fault of the paradigm of the Gods and Earths. The teaching are right and exact. The individual whom tried to walk this way of life came across two issues: 1. Enlightener/teacher assisting in this knowledge wasn't resonating with the student. 2. The student wasn't ready to undertake such a task at that point of their growth and development. Had absolutely nothing to do with the SM, SA and 120 lessons. So when I say "Glorious NGE's" I mean every inch, every morsel of it. Religious affirmations tend to cloud sound judgment and views become tunnel vision with a reluctance to be open and logical. This is not the culture of I-God in it's truest form. I know some Gods and Earths are religious with their love for this Nation, however religion isn't the mandate. Openness with a continuing thirst for knowledge is the direction.

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