Thursday, January 17, 2013

God's Foundation

Knowledge God........(Drawing it up)...... The foundation of the Original Man (black man). Only dealing with self. The divine energies within and not from other people as a supporting cast. What is the foundation of the Original Man? Speaking for self, the foundation has to be "solid." Integrity intact. Who or what is God if "integrity" isn't apart of his make up? Without "integrity" there's no shame or guilty. God's foundation should entail "honor." Honor is a very close relative of pride which has to be tempted/watched with caution. "Honor" is one's principalities. The bar which can not be surpassed. Non- negotiable. Courage also is a must have in God's foundational arsenal. The "courage" to defend and protect what's his. The "courage" to make the tough decisions. The "COURAGE TO BE GOD!" God also should be a "visionary." Ability to see into the future and make "calculated risk" for the betterment of self, family and Nation. These are just a few qualities of the foundation of God. Definitely not meant to be religious, just a few qualities that God(s) should have.

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