Friday, May 7, 2010

"Blueprint for a Determined Idea"

Me and others from out here in Love Allah have been striving to fulfill this determine idea we have to create a center/academy for the youth and any who wants to know more about the NGE's. The foundation(knowledge) of consistency is being laid as of now by renting out a facility to hold our Civilization Classes bi-weekly. One stroke in the 9,000 miles we have to swim to born this idea. This camaraderie is what I consider a component of Allah's world manifest. A group of Gods and Earth's coming together for one common cause. Living out the Mathematics showing and proving that Allah is ceen and heard. Hopefully this sparks others to realize how important society is to accomplishing goals. Yes, I know alot of people are full of shit and u would rather not to fuck'em B.u.t in the same breath don't judge everybody according to a fucked up few. If u possess the KOS I would expect for u to have an above par judge of character, being able to cee the snake even in it's camouflaged grafted state. Enclosing, one person can not build alone! Peace.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

"85%, Shallow, Dense, Superficial"

If u give someone a $200 gift and they in return give u a $100 gift is there no equality? There are a few variables that determine the outcome. 1. If u know a said person doesn't have the financial ability to afford alot then the thought is peace. 2. If u know a said person is splurging and spend money like it grow on trees and they give u a $25 gift, then it would be safe to say your getting bamboozled. 3. If your giving a said person a gift unconditionally not giving a fuck what or if they get u something in return, UNCONDITIONAL!!!. I'm a God that's not a dense, shallow-minded, superficial muthafucker. I deal with a person ways and actions which is truly a clear picture into one's heart, there ultimate character. If your a superficial niga/bitch, knowledge will be born on yo' snake ass. 85% are some robotic creatures. Easy to read. Individual substance is a rarity in this day and age. We all like to receive gift(s) b.u.t, the principle of the gift is more important then the actual gift to the civilized. So if I buy my queen a new blackberry at $400 for her born day and she cooks me dinner and gives me some mental food for my born day, that's peace, sincere and I'm thankful. Peace,