Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Facebook is now a typical part of life for some people. I understand the gist of it. Keeping in touch, reach out to love ones that you wouldn't normally be conversing with on a regular. Networking, furthering business endeavors, promotion and a myriad of other positive avenues to take and be gainful while doing it. However this "reality show" spin FB has taken is.........pitiful to say the least. Uncivilized promoting, verbal savagery right after praising the lord and thanking Jesus.....get the fuck outta here.....Now let me clarify, I don't and never have FB. At this point I have no business to promote and if somebody needs to reach me, email or phone. B.u.t I do hear and sometimes see the minutiae. I surmise this is some form of world stage for some and they are seizing this opportunity for their 5 minutes of fame. Social network huh? a bunch of gossiping of meaningless bullshit most of the time (I see anyway). And there's the tough talk....utilizing fighting words on FB like you get brownie points for it....FB warrior? If you were some type of professional fighter and talked shit to promote/pump up a fight, that's more understandable then you average Joe talking shit on FB. I'm of the opinion if there is an issue pick up the phone, arrange a meeting place, eye to eye and settle the differences. B.u.t using FB as my ring/octagon? Now cipher....And seeing Gods and Earths caught up in that "6" is not a good look. We (NGE's) raise above that "6!" Utilizing a platform for beef is indicative of needing to get "pumped up." Disagreements will come and some physical justice will be administered from time to time. However don't let FB be the reason. Temper the FB onslaught. Remember, when you adhere and make your word bond as being a member of this Nation, you are a representative of the "whole" collective at home and aboard.


Thursday, March 21, 2013


Wisdom Knowledge.... One's actions are always seen by somebody. Acting in accordance with the culture of I-God our words and actions should be righteous teachings in the science of everything in life. The one's bearing witness to the noteworthy deeds being done, are watching the true and living God/Earth in motion(energy). Now we know it's duality in everything and one's actions could very well be destroy power, 10% bloodsucking snake like the grafted type. And the same principle applies as far as somebody is watching your bloodsucking snake-ass. And if nothing else, if nobody sees you, the divine intelligence, universal mind ALLAH who is YOU will know what your doing isn't right and exact and will die in his/her own iniquity!

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Knowledge of Self Radio (Gangs and Crack!!!)

I had the pleasure of being invited to a table discussion on the "Knowledge of Self Radio Show" topic being "gangs, crack and what role it played (still plays) in the hood today. Constructive and very informative. Do the knowledge......Infinite7

Monday, March 11, 2013


What is a king? A person or thing preeminent in it's class (dictionary.com) This very definition epitomizes who the true and living is. I see "king" as a fitting title for God also. King I Now God. 11+9+14+7=41 abbt 5. A kings power should be made manifest through his wisdom (wise words and actions)
That power could be action or non-action. Mental strength could be the required tact. Asserting one's self with physical strength could definitely be a valuable asset as well. The sheer power of the truth is what changes lives. A king has several facets of power that could be utilized. Also by keeping one's word bond (1-14/11) showing integrity that kings must have is an example of his prowess. A king leads by what? By example! Remember the crown of the king is heavy. Meaning responsibility is huge and heavy once you carry said title. As all true and living Gods/Earths know, this is very true in the life of the righteous. So, being a king is very serious and should not be taken lightly nor taken for granted.

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