Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Teaching is Rudimentary

I typically don't indulge in ego stroking, being conceited on the big head scientist tip. I understand my strengths and my weaknesses if you will. With that being said the duty of a 5% is to teach. Who you might ask? Anybody in my proximity. However small or big the lesson/teaching is, it's a jewel that's being taught. I task myself with continuance teaching. By my words and more so by my ways and actions. Whether you know me or not, how I conduct myself will speak volumes and something in my actions will be beneficial for others to utilize also. Again, the duty of the 5% is to teach. I fully embrace this monumental task. To hinder the teaching is of no use in my opinion. If you make yourself available, focus and show determination to learn, you qualify. The teachings take precedence over any trivial bump in the road. This is the rule. This rule applies.........98% of the time. If this was the pharmaceutical industry, 98% acceptance rate is excellent......back to the subject at hand...... So again this is the rule. The exceptions are rare at 2%. Meaning the odds of somebody being "denied" the knowledge is slim to none except for that 2%. "Continuance" savage ways over time during the refinement stages could very well disqualify somebody. There is no secrets in my cipher. This isn't a secret society. No blindfolds, no pricking of the fingers, none of that nonsense. Sincerity, focus and determination......We build.