Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Gang Culture continues (to no surprise) to flourish in the most negative, genocidal way possible....smdh

Here's a text I sent out:
28 abbt. 10 9 1..... The 28 degree (1-36) speaks on "receiving gold, more gold then regular"so to speak.... This is talking about being sold a dream. Like buying fake gold... No value...nothing is free..... N everything tht shines isn't gold...n all earning don't mean u should take it....2 young brothers...late teens were murdered yesterday the third n critical condition n this new, fresh gang war out here...a travesty... Genocide 101.... These young brothers n sisters are being told," they'll receive more gold (accolades, street respect, street $, gangster persona etc) if they only follow this "rider manual." Empathically now cipher!!! Do/did they receive more gold? FUCK NO!!! They received a pine box n pushing up daisy's, for their troubles.....nothing is free...not even street careful wht u wish for.... Peace .....
Let me add on....I was definitely apart of the problem eons ago. And this is the same reason I totally 3 the thought process/pattern made manifest from the gang 4. The onus is on me to ascertain the "proper" and most efficient angle to show them (85%) the way (2) to build n destroy (8) by knowing (1) themselves (0). And the first thing to get them (85%) to do is what? The "knowledge!" This is truly a monumental save a life (lives).....this is my duty....I accept this mission... Peace!

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