Saturday, January 11, 2014

"2014 abbt 7"

Living mathematics is just that, living out Supreme Mathematics as it was instructed by the Father.Mathematical principles naturally manifested by ones words and actions is the essence of living mathematics. According to the Gregorian Calendar, (which is the calendar used in the wilderness of North America amongst other places) advocates this year as 2014. The Asiactic Calendar which is the calendar utilized by the Original people with knowledge of themselves knowing they are, we are Asiactic I.e Original, know this year as 15,099/15,100 (awm). However, it is more conducive being able to communicate using their language (the 85%, blind, deaf and dumb) in most circumstances. Wisdom cipher knowledge culture (2014)........ Ones (5%) conduct being in accordance with the paradigm and or curriculum of the Nation of Gods and Earths. Also borning out the year will manifest's actions (2) in general (0) are being watched (1) which has a logical connection which represents our way of life (4)and Nation as a whole. And the Original Man/woman (7) duty is to teach that Truth Now!!!
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