Monday, April 28, 2014

Wesley Muhammad's Love Allah debut.....

This past weekend, the God, Wesley Muhammad a.k.a True Islam(!/wesleymuhammad) made his west coast debut out in Love Allah (Los Angeles). Peace to the brother for the jewels and consummate professionalism. Yes, I knowledge the frivolous (IMO) critiques, bantering, verbal jousting etc about the Allah Team, 5% Muslims blah, blah , blah.....Speaking only for myself, my personal quranic travels don't allow me the luxury (nor do I want it too) to entertain trivial, minute ideologies i.e a pissing match. I simply don't give a fuck! Seriously. I only utilize the best part in all ciphers and the God drops jewels... period....... enough of that.....The God (Wesley Muhammad) been dropping jewels for some time and I've been doing the knowledge. So when this opportunity presented itself to do the knowledge in the physical I humbly seized the moment. And it was what I expected it to be; informative, Black-God centered, scholarly-swagger with an admitted chip on his shoulder. LOL. I personally appreciate the way the God delivers his presentation. And yes a few brother's attended with the obvious plight to rebuttal/contend the brother's claims. Even when the exchange boarder on disrespect, the God remained on his square and manifest the way (2) of equality (6) and how to build/destroy (8) in ciphers such as the one Saturday evening. The atmosphere was energetic with a fresh breeze of consciousness that complimented the LA area. Moor's, Muslims, Gods and Earths, Christians and others were in attendance. Showing and proving true knowledge has no boundaries.  Also shout out to Sabir Bey ( and his team for a well orchestrated event. I would definitely suggest others to attend the God's lecture(s) if feasible. Excellent night out, without nigga (uncivilized) activities.       


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