Monday, April 14, 2014

What will be your legacy?

What will be your legacy, if any? What will you be known or remembered for? Does it even matter? As far as does even it matter, that's a matter of opinion and outside influences should not dictate how you tailor your legacy and whether it matters to you or not....for me on a personal note, legacy is of extreme importance. Legacy defines the works and contributions you've done throughout your life. All legacies are not to be proud of in my opinion. I'm a staunch advocate of responsibility and discipline. I pride myself on upholding my word to perform a specific duty which exemplifies manhood, in my opinion. Don't misconstrue these words as if I'm simplifying it to say it is or will be easy. Easy is not in the same category when responsibility and discipline is concerned. Discipline is a strict routine to perform a task (build) or stop doing a task (destroy). Discipline/hard is essentially the polar opposite of easy.
Responsibility and discipline go hand to hand. The art of being responsible is to take ownership. At the bear minimal, this will be seen as noble with a solid foundation of integrity. Components like these become the building blocks of a legacy. People will see your works. This is the meaning of eternal life. Think of any of the greats.... Malcolm X, Dr. King, Marcus Garvey... Legacies born eternal life... These gentlemen will be conversation, admiration, motivation and a sleuth of other "tion's" that will live forever. This is an example....what will your legacy be?


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